10 Signs You’re In Deep with 1D


Your family thinks you’re obsessed. Your friends just shake their heads. Even your teachers or coworkers know you as ‘the girl who loves One Direction’.

We all have our favorite bands, our favorite books, or movies, or actors. There are some things that we love above all others, and sometimes to the point of borderline obsession.

The same concept can be said for being a part of the One Direction fandom. There are things that only other Directioners can understand; memories or sayings that you can only share with your fav 1D crew.

In discussing this very concept with a friend today, we started to consider what made us Directioners…true, to the core, fangirls. Those little things that only others of this infliction would understand, leaving those outside the fandom confused and questioning our sanity.

This prompted my latest post; a little listing of signs that you are the epitome of a One Direction fangirl.

  1. Your sleep patterns are dictated by One Direction appearances on TV
  2. You have considered, at least once, the possible truth behind one of the countless ‘conspiracies’
  3. Fan fiction is considered your favorite genre of literature
  4. Your best friends are people you met online, most of whom who haven’t even met in person
  5. You have your fav, or all of 1D, on social media notification to know their every movement
  6. You have more photos of One Direction on your phone than your family or friends, unable to do the latest software update because of it
  7. An album or music video drop causes you more excitement than birthdays or Christmas
  8. You’ve Googled ‘Harry Styles shirtless’ at least once (or maybe 347244 times)
  9. You base your history on One Direction hairstyles
  10. You’ve considered, or already have, a One Direction lyric tattoo

There are so many more little quirks that only belong in this unique and passionate fandom, but these were my top 10. If you have anymore to add, please put them in the comments! Lets keep this list going!

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