‘The 100’ 3×09 Preview Guide: ‘Stealing Fire’

The hiatus is over with The 100‘s return in ‘Stealing Fire’!

With so many characters we care about being held captive (Clarke, Murphy, Kane, Lincoln) there’s a lot riding on Bellamy’s shoulders as he comes to grips with the decisions he’s made. It’s time to make a stand and see where everyone’s loyalties lie on The 100. Not to mention we finally get to see the aftermath of Lexa’s death.

Official Synopsis: Clarke (Eliza Taylor) discovers a shocking truth, and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is forced to make a decision that could have devastating consequences. Meanwhile, Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Abby (Paige Turco) share a moment. Bob Morley, Christopher Larkin, Ricky Whittle and Richard Harmon also star.

What We Know:

  • Bellamy is having second thoughts and comes up with a plan to break out those help captive.
  • Clarke and Murphy have been held captive for some time and await news on Lexa’s successor.
  • Clarke is still reeling from Lexa’s death.
  • Abby is worried about Kane. Kabby anyone?
  • Octavia isn’t so quick to forgive Bellamy for his actions.
  • Ontari will return and it won’t be pleasant.
  • The concave will take place, where young night bloods will fight to the death to determine who will receive the flame aka A.L.I.E. 2.
  • The flame is incredibly vital to all Grounders, Lexa, and A.L.I.E. 1. It’s going to be a fight to see that it falls into the right hands.

What We Need:

  • Bellamy to make amends with his sister and people.
  • Lincoln, Kane and the Grounders to be set free.
  • Clarke and Murphy to find a way to keep their people safe.
  • Raven and Jasper to find a way to stop A.L.I.E.
  • Jaha to come to his senses. Along with Raven. She’s almost there.
  • Pike to be dethroned as Chancellor.
  • Lexa’s successor to maintain the truce between Grounders and the people of Arkadia.
  • To learn more about Grounder mythology and how everyone on the ground is connected.

Top Worries:

  • Lincoln’s fate.
  • Abby worrying and crying over Kane.
  • Lexa’s successor and the chance of him/her being an enemy of Arkadia.
  • Chancellor Pike and his reign of death.
  • Jaha and A.L.I.E’s plans with the City of Light.
  • Bellamy and Octavia’s upcoming fight. We haven’t forgotten about that trailer.
  • The flame.
  • And finally, the Ice Nation. They’re not done yet.

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The 100 airs returns tonight @ 9/8c on The CW.

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