‘The 100’ 4×09 Review: ‘DNR’ …Literally


The first half hour of the episode felt like filler or set-up, which I suppose was necessary given the 3-week break (though whether they knew there would be a 3-week break prior to creating this episode makes its pacing suspect). However, everything picked up noticeably in the final half hour. It didn’t feel rushed per se, but a lot definitely went down. Let’s unpack it all!

Octavia and Ilian’s Brief Farming Honeymoon?

Octavia and Ilian? I don’t care. Not sure what the point of this little arc was other than to get two characters naked. Octavia is in basically the same headspace she was when she left Arcadia? That’s literally all I have to say about it. Hope Octavia kicks ass in the tournament, but I’m very much doubting she’s going to win because…plot.

Worst Plan Ever. Good job, grownups.

Abby and Kane’s very stupid plan to try and kidnap Roan. I don’t have much to say about this except that no wonder an 18 year old girl is actually in charge if that’s the best plan Kane and Abby could come up with in response to the bunker. No diplomacy, no conversation with Clarke or Roan – who has done more than his fair share of diplomacy on their behalf – just a betrayal and nearly getting everyone they love killed. Definitely the best way to preserver the human race. I’m just glad they didn’t show the actual conversation where they decided what to do and I think it’s because it would have sounded so stupid there was no way they could have the characters utter the words credibly.

Death Wishes

I’m not going to lie. I understand, completely, why Raven doesn’t want to slowly fade away, losing her mind on Earth and instead wants to die during a spacewalk, no pain, no suffering, just drifting away. It’s The 100, so while I wish they was going to be a fix for this, this might be one of those times when the show is just telling us straight up that a character we love, a character we’re going to mourn perhaps more than any death we’ve experienced on the show, is about to die. If the show is giving us time to properly prepare ourselves for Raven’s final moments, then bravo. She deserves it and so do we.

Harper this is one I get less, though to be honest, it feels more like Harper was given a plotine that was supposed to go to Miller and Bryan (oh right, remember him?), but I do get it to an extent. Harper’s been through a lot since she came to the ground and the constant struggle is maybe something she just doesn’t want. I just can’t see someone choosing a melty death. It’s a hardcore, violent, terrible way to go and all of them have witnessed it. Is there some kind of plan? A suicide pact? What is actually going on with the delinquents that stay behind. It all just feels way too much like a party and way less like a group of people about to die. Methinks there will be regrets.

Misdirection or Real Goodbyes?

Speaking of people who decided to go out on their own terms, we saw goodbyes between two pairs that both had me overcome with emotion in a way I never expected. Jasper and Bellamy. Now, you all know how I feel about Bellamy, but Jasper sits firmly in the “meh” category for me as far as The 100 characters. I could take him or leave him, or rather I’ll take his sense of humor and leave just about everything else about the character. That being said, the goodbye he had with Bellamy, the call backs to season one were just too much for me. This felt like a real goodbye and I kind of hope it is one.

One of the best subplot carry overs from season two all the way through now has been the Murphy/Raven conflict. Murphy is directly responsible for Raven’s constant pain, though being Raven, she’s forgiven him for it. I wasn’t prepared for a goodbye as such between them because I honestly was sort of in denial that she’d made the decision to die, but this one felt real as well, and though I don’t want Raven to die, this would be a hell of a way to go. Poetic and fitting, if obviously, tragic.

*clears throat*


*clears throat again*

Okay, moving along.

Just a quick aside to mention Emori’s disbelief at Jackson and Miller coming back…priceless. She has so little faith in people that aren’t her (and more recently Murphy). She deserves to trust. She deserves happiness. If we get nothing else in Season Five, give us an Emori who is never betrayed again.

Meanwhile, back in Polis…again

Clarke, in her infinite wisdom has decided to manipulate Gaia into allowing her to ascend as Commander. Now, I in no way think that Clarke sees it that way, but hoo-boy you bet I cheered when Roan called it out as a mockery of their faith and just general imperialist BS. The logician inside of me, which to be real usually dominates my personality, says that this was the best choice, which I imagine is how Clarke came to that conclusion, but it still felt icky (in the same way both Lincoln and Lexa’s deaths did, so bravo show for not going there. I’ll allow this lapse in logic to avoid unnecessary ickiness.) Anyway, because we can’t do the icky logical thing, instead we have to do the ridiculous, nonsensical thing and next week champions will fight to the death for a bunker that can hold 1200 people so a fraction of that can survive in it for five years.

Should be a rocking good time.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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