‘The 100’ Photos: “Demons”

The 100 is intense. Like we can’t even keep up with all the politics, drama, and intrigue. There is so much going on and it captivates us each week. We love that with this show – you think that you know what is going on, but then you realize that you have no idea and stuff is a lot worse than you could imagine.

Also – we know now that we will never go to any place called “City of Light.” Yup, we’ll live in the darkness blissfully.

The CW has released photos for the Thursday, April 21, episode, entitled, “Demons.”

Jaha (Isaiah Washington) returns to Polis, and Murphy (Richard Harmon) has a surprise encounter. Meanwhile, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) uncovers a clue. Bob Morley, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan and Christopher Larkin also star.

It’s a simple synopsis – but we know that means jack shit in the world of The 100.

The 100 airs Thursdays on The CW.


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