The 100 – Review 4×03: The Four Horsemen or APOCALYPSE NOW


I’m a delinquent. Not the kind that gets sent down from space to survive on the ground, but the kind whose review of last week’s The 100 is so late, it’s not really a review, but five things you should recall before tomorrow’s episode. Very. Important. Things.

1. Clarke is making a list. One of those lists. Think Schindler. The list is life and Clarke gets to decide who lives and who dies. The 100 has never shied away from historical parallels – with varying levels of appropriateness in my opinion – and this is no different. However, I do think, because we’ve been shown that list so early on, it’s very unlikely that the list will actually be used as it is planned. It’s like Chekhov’s gun. It’ll likely be used as a plot device rather than for its intended purpose. I also think it’s VERY likely because the only names we did see on that list were Clarke and Bellamy’s that they will very much not be in Alpha Station when the doors close, but we’ll see! Previews for Episode 4 have Monty and Jasper discovering the list, so we’ll see how that all goes down.

2. Roan and…well Octavia? I know Lincoln just died. I know that. I know Octavia is nowhere near ready for a relationship, but guys….I SHIP IT. I ship it so hard. For now he’s a king and she’s his assassin, but like romance has grown out of way weirder circumstances on this show. Octavia, from all reports has a lot of growing to do this season and Roan is still figuring out what it means to be King of Azgeda, but if we get a Season 5 (WE’RE TOTALLY GETTING A SEASON 5), I think it would be a super interesting dynamic for the show to explore. Plus, Octavia would be royalty. Queen Octavia kom Skaikru has a nice ring to it, no?

3. Raven has been awesome and badass all season long, but it was really nice to see her with an actual plotline this week when she refused medicine for Luna and the grounders suffering from radiation poisoning. It’s The 100 so there are no “good” or “bad” decisions, just difficult ones and seeing Raven faced with one was difficult and important. Raven often has a very scientific approach to life, she’s in her lab or working on an engineering project and often doesn’t see the human side to things, at least not when she’s more concerned with the survival of the human race. Abby was tough on her, but Abby has been through this before (both on the Ark and on the ground) and she was exactly right in calling out Raven’s callousness. Raven will learn from it going forward and it was an important lesson for her.

4. Indra has a daughter and not only that, her daughter, Gaia is the new flame keeper. This is where the show went so very wrong last season and what it’s doing so very right this season. When The 100 focuses on the intricacies of the Grounder way of life it slows to an almost grinding halt, however, when it does so with a connection to a character already love and care about, that’s when it becomes interesting and engaging. I care about Kenza and her mission to find Nightbloods and her devotion to her religion because I care about Indra and the pain she’s going through because of her daughter’s beliefs. Obviously, Nightbloods are going to be VERY important going forward because…

5. NIGHTBLOODS ARE THE KEY TO SURVIVING RADIATION. I mean, this was something most people guessed before the season began, but it’s nice to see the concept introduced so early and with a character that I really enjoyed last season, Luna. Will Abby figure out a way to reproduce a synthetic version of “nightblood” and thus save humanity? Almost like a vaccine? That would eliminate the need for hiding almost entirely.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Murphy being the cockroach that he is, but one with an apparent heart of gold. Murphy is important and he’ll continue to be important. Wouldn’t it be great if he saved everyone, somehow…again? I think it would be great. Murphy trying to explain how he was raped to Emori was amazing. It was nice to see the show acknowledge that after his consent was clearly not given to Ontari last season.
  • CLARKE GRIFFIN WROTE BELLAMY BLAKE’S NAME ON THAT LIST AND BELLAMY BLAKE WROTE CLARKE GRIFFIN’S NAME ON THAT LIST AND I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. *clears throat* That was a nice moment after they went through so much conflict last season. They’re back together and working as a team and that’s when the show is at its best.
  • It was nice to see Miller and Papa Miller (I think his name is David, but whatever). I wanted more Papa Miller/Miller feels this season so, hopefully, we get more than a glimpse of them together soon.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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