The 100 – Review 4×04: “A Lie Guarded” or TIME TO DROP TRUTHS

This week’s The 100 title was a bit ironic since the lies that were guarded were all revealed within every subplot playing out on the screen. Let’s break it all down plot by plot, shall we?

The List

The List was a plot device. Obviously. That didn’t necessarily make it a bad plot device. My issue with The List was that while most of what Clarke said made sense in keeping it a secret and most of what Monty said made sense in revealing aforementioned secret, however, I know details are every TV show’s enemy, but details are my TV bread and butter and so much about The List and who is on it wreaks of a plot contrivance. For example: it makes very little sense for Monty, a young man, training to be an engineer with a ton of practical experience since they’ve been on the ground not to be prioritized over Jaha, if for just the simple fact that Monty is younger than him and far more likely to reproduce. The fact that Jaha was just recently revealed to be an engineer is even more convenient and it’s stuff like this that drives me crazy.

That being said, Clarke has been walking a slippery slope for a while now and it was about time someone forced her head. It may as well be Monty, who has been the show’s moral compass for quite some time. It’s not really about The List, because I think we all know that even Jaha’s secondary plan of a lottery is never going to happen or even if it does, some other catastrophe will rain down on the world and make it impossible for them to follow through on the results, but the parallels between her and Jaha (and even Kane a bit) from the first season are a little too blatant at this point and I’m glad the show pivoted away from it when it did. It remains to be seen whether she heads back into that territory later on in the season, but for now, she’ll have bigger fish to fry (or at least more immediate fish) when Azgeda comes knocking intent on invading Alpha Station.

Adventure Squad 4.0

Led by Abby, this squad consists of Murphy, Emori, Raven, Miller, Luna, Nyko, Jackson and a few “red shirt” guards, one of whom dies immediately upon getting to ALIE’s island and then Nyko soon after. Okay, I’m going to come at you with an unpopular opinion right now. Luna makes me angry. I totally understood why she left Polis and didn’t want to participate in the Conclave to become the Commander. I understood why she wanted a peaceful life out on the ocean away from war and death and destruction. However, all of that being said, her reluctance to want to save humanity from extinction TWICE now is just frustrating as all hell. Her holier than thou, “So I am a prisoner” is just…well sorry, it’s BS. Your blood (not, you know, all of it, but its composition) could prevent the excruciating deaths of thousands, but of course, Luna is special and requires an inspirational speech from Raven in order to go along with the plan. I’m not sure if I’m more annoyed with the character or with the show for consistently doing this, “saving humanity is unimportant” thing with Grounder characters, but as a viewer, it was annoying last season and it’s even more so this season.

Octavia Blake – Isildur’s Heir?

Daddy Kane and his wayward daughter Octavia. That scene gave me life. It’s interesting that the kid Octavia decapitated was “innocent” as Kane puts it. She’s headed down a very dark path and I know everyone wants to squee about how badass she is, but it’s going to come back to bite her. She’s going to make a decision that she truly regrets and can’t take back sooner or later and it’s not going to seem so badass anymore. Also, anyone else get “Arwen riding away from the Nazgul” feels from that chase? I did. And of course, she falls off that cliff. So very Aragorn. I mean almost frame for frame what happens in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, even down to the wavering steady cam shots. I love it. I’m going to need her entrance in the next episode to look something like this:

Ice Nation

I was so ready to be angry about yet another plot contrivance driving King Roan to declare, “Times Up!” out of nowhere on Skaikru and decide, “We need a solution right now!” but then he said the magic words in his confrontation with Kane. It wasn’t that Skaikru hadn’t come up with a solution, but that they’d come up with a potential solution and a backup plan, but had lied about it to him. He says, “Truth is the first casualty of war.” That’s the kind of leadership I can get behind and that makes sense with what The 100 has established with Ice Nation’s rule all along: no nonsense and brutal. Invading Arkadia is exactly what I’d expect from Roan at this stage and the showdown between Azgeda and Arkadia – but really between Roan and Clarke – next week should be one for the ages. Those two are two sides of the same coin and I believe both have a tremendous amount of respect for each other. I cannot wait to see how this conflict gets resolved or perhaps devolves into chaos. It should be epic.

A few notes before I go:

  • Jasper is an asshole. I’m am unamused. The Jaha thing, that was funny. The rain thing? Not so much. And Jasper being indignant about the list? Obviously, maybe he’s not quite ready to give up? And let’s not pretend like Jasper getting locked up is some sort of massive betrayal here. And sure, the foam was funny.
  • Anyone else feel like if they all survive and come out the other side of the radiation relatively intact that twenty years hence John Murphy will be Chancellor? I’m not sure if the show is telegraphing it or it would just be wacky hijinx kind of fun, but regardless. Murphy for Chancellor. Speaking of Murphy the show keeps hinting at an Emori/Murphy conflict about how and where they survive the coming radiation and I’m actually looking forward to it.
  • I’d like to give an Emmy to Bob Morley for his wail of grief when he found out Octavia was “dead,” but I can’t because the show totally removed any and all trauma for the viewer. We were all pretty sure that Octavia wasn’t dead and the way it was shot somehow made the scene more about Roan and Echo than Bellamy.
  • Riley is so very clearly a stand-in for Bryan, which isn’t the show’s fault, but it just takes me out of the narrative every time he’s on screen or someone references him.
  • No Bellarke in this episode, but…I am NOT READY for when Clarke sees him as Roan’s prisoner next week.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

Jennifer Iacopelli


Jennifer Iacopelli is a New York based writer who watches way too much genre TV, reads way too many Pride and Prejudice retellings and obsesses over way too many sports. She is most happy when she's doing all three at once.

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