The 100: Season 4 Extended Trailer with Roan, Bellarke (and Jaha), Bryan and Self High-Fives!


The CW released an Extended Trailer in the lead up to the season 4 premiere of it’s hit, though often controversial show, The 100.

Most of the fun with trailer is speculation, so here’s some of my own:

Much of the footage is stuff we’ve already seen, but one thing stuck out as important. In an earlier trailer Echo was seen encouraging Roan, King of the Ice Nation to rule. In this trailer she’s more explicit, “Kill Wanheda, take her power and rule over everything.” So it looks like one of the first major plot-lines will be whether or not Roan decides to kill Clarke and the potential fall-out from that decision.

We also see a flash of Clarke and Bellamy, along with Jaha, exploring what looks like an abandoned bunker of some kind (or perhaps the crash-landed Farm Station, as some people speculated based on an earlier trailer).

During one flash it seemed as if Miller’s boyfriend Bryan was screaming out in pain, which wouldn’t be shocking since the actor Jonathan Whitesell was cast as a series regular on the new Freeform show, Beyond.

The most charming moment of the trailer, however, was the final clip where we see Jasper cleaning off in an outdoor shower and he and Monty slap their own hands, their own secret-friendship-handshake from way back in Season 1.

Here’s hoping there are even more call-backs to Season 1 in Season 4, at least in terms of tone and storytelling. Some say The 100 has lost its way in the last season or so and drawing back to what made it so addicting in the first place would be a great move.

The 100 Season 4 premieres on February 1st at 9pm on The CW.

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