‘The 100’: Season 5 Has Started Filming


You know we’re excited for the return of The 100. It’s been what – 3 months since it ended and left us us with that cliffhanger.

We know that there has been a time jump of a little over 6 years and who knows what the hell has happened during that time. Sure, we have our guesses, but we’re not sure what is going to happen. A lot changes in 6 years – especially when some people have been locked underground, some in space, some wondering if they are the only ones to survive.

But we know that the season premiere is entitled, Eden. We won’t limit what we want for this season to the first episode, but we will tell you what we would like to see –

  1. Bellarke
  2. Octavia emerging as an even stronger leader (also – we’d love for her to have found love again)
  3. The story of how Clarke survived.
  4. Don’t you dare have Bellamy coming back with any kids.
  5. Everyone we love alive.

Now we’re also praying that the flashbacks aren’t like Arrow. Cause you know, we’ve had enough of bad wigs.

Just saying.

The 100 writers released this photo of Eliza Taylor on the set for the first day of production. Noticeably she looks like Clarke pre-end of the world kind of thing. So we’re thinking flashback?


But then more photos came and we got even more excited.

Bellamy with a beard. We’re about it.

We’re going to have to wait to see what happens. Unfortunately that wait is until February 2018 when The 100 returns to The CW.

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