The 100 – Teaser Trailer Hits Us Right in the Bellarke Feels

With the Season 4 premiere less than a month away The 100 released a new 30 second trailer to get fans hyped.

Entitled “Who Will Survive” it plays on the show’s well-earned reputation for killing off characters with regularity and opens with Clarke asking the question, “How do we tell people the world is ending after everything we’ve been through?” Perhaps this is introducing one of the major struggles of the first part of the season: how much information do the people need? Clarke was always a strong proponent of sharing heinous news, after all it’s what got her in trouble back on the Ark, but how will she deal with it now? Additionally, Echo (yeah the same Echo from Ice Nation who Bellamy saved and then was betrayed by) clearly blames SkaiKru for all their problems. Followed quickly by Bellamy asking Clarke, “What now?” and Clarke’s answer, as they walk shoulder to shoulder, something that was sorely lacking in Season 3, “Now? We survive.”

The trailer feels like we may be back to “old school” The 100: conflict with the Grounders, the delinquents having major internal struggles, the adults pretending they’re in charge and like Raven says to wrap up the clip, “There’s nothing like a little pain to remind you you’re alive.”

If one sentence could ever sum up The 100, that’s surely it.

The 100 premieres on February 1st at 9pm on The CW.

Jennifer Iacopelli is a New York based writer who watches way too much genre TV, reads way too many Pride and Prejudice retellings and obsesses over way too many sports. She is most happy when she's doing all three at once.