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Fangirlish Reader @bexutystyles Article: Why Daniel Sharman Would Be A Great Jace

Fangirlish Reader @bexutystyles Article: Why Daniel Sharman Would Be A Great Jace

As most active twitter TMI fans know, Cassandra Clare’s popular series The Mortal Instruments has recently gotten picked up by ABC Family to be produced into a TV show. It has been determined that the name will be called Shadowhunters.

In 2013 the movie for the first book in the series, City of Bones, was released. Constantin Film, who owns the production rights to the series, has decided it would work best as a TV drama.

While fans of the series are mostly excited about this, many have been struggling with the one issue that hasn’t been spoken about much yet- casting.

On twitter, fans were recently asked who would make a good Clary and most replied with Molly Quinn. She’s a redhead just like Clary and has been seen in things such as Castle and We’re the Millers. She seems to be the most popular choice for Clary as the hashtag #MollyQuinnForClaryFray points out.

While the fandom was still struggling with fan casting, today Daniel Sharman took to twitter to congratulate Cassie on the show.


  Cassie replied with these tweets:


Following this, the fandom has been tweeting with the hashtag #DanielSharmanForJace. Scrolling through the hashtag, you’ll see a variety of different things. Some agree that he would make a perfect Jace, some say he wouldn’t be a good Jace but that he should play Sebastian, Simon, or Alec. Then some people just don’t want him at all.

Most argue that Daniel can’t be on the show because he was recently casted as the male lead in a new CBS medical drama called LIFE. There will be a pilot but has not been definitely picked up yet.

Daniel is familiar with Cassandra and her work already, having narrated the audiobook for Clockwork Princess, the third book in the The Infernal Devices trilogy. So why not, right?

Personally, I think Daniel would be the perfect Jace. If that doesn’t work out, I’d just like to see him on the show in general. Below I have made a list of things that make him the ideal Jace for me, and things I have to say in response to the people saying otherwise.



Daniel’s delivery

Any Teen Wolf fan can tell you that he would be a great Jace strictly based off his delivery. Daniel played Isaac Lahey in the show, and had to constantly give off sarcastic and witty lines. This is an important quality when looking for a Jace. Daniel perfectly pulled off being a bad-a** with a ‘yeah I know I’m amazing’ kind of attitude. So I think we can safely say that he’s won round one of this. 

Appearances can change

Still scrolling through the hashtag, you’ll probably see things like “Jace is blonde!”. To that I say, appearances can change! All of the time actors change things for a role. Hair color is most definitely something that shouldn’t get in the way. In my opinion, I would say he’d just need to lighten it slightly. Hair dye isn’t rocket science. Daniel also has a forever young look to him. He’s pulled off teen before and he can do it again.


Daniel’s ability to be mysterious

Jace is a very mysterious character. Not the biggest sharer of feelings and such. He keeps to himself and has a whole lot of bottled up information about his past. Daniel has experience with that, almost all of his roles are mysterious guys.

Don’t worry, he can be a softy!

It’s rare that Jace lets himself go soft. His whole life he’s been attached to the idea that love doesn’t last. But he lets himself go soft with Clary, and Daniel just happens to be great at that. If he becomes Jace, expect constant gifs of this happening.


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Daniel has this great vibe about him that’s just right for Jace. I could definitely see him pulling off lines like:

“I don’t want to be a man,” said Jace. “I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can’t confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead.”

Plus he can take on a tough guy persona with ease.

 Scroll up. Look at those pictures. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

‘Nuff said.

He’s British, but that’s okay.

Daniel once said in an interview that he loves American accents. In fact, when he was growing up, Daniel faked an American accent in school. So I’m pretty sure the whole British thing won’t be a problem (Even though his accent is adorable).

Daniel would make a great Jace. He’s got everything he needs! He’s a superb actor and can make nearly any role work. I think the only character he can’t play is an eleven year old girl. Honestly, he’s that good.


While looking at what the fans have to say about who should play who (besides bringing the movie cast back) I have been seeing something strange. For some reason, a lot of people think hair color determines a role. An example of that is people thinking you can only be Clary if you have red hair. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, hair dye exits. So don’t be afraid to fan-cast a blonde or brunette for Clary! Same goes with Jace, Daniel isn’t blonde but he could lighten his hair.

So in conclusion, don’t knock it till you try it! Some people can’t see it, but try to keep an open mind. You might say I have clouded judgement, but that’s fine. I tried not to let my love for him sway my opinion about him playing Jace.


If you agree with my opinions, tweet #DanielSharmanForJace on twitter!

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