Supernatural 10 x 23 FINALE Sneak Peek: “My Brother’s Keeper”

Well this season finale looks like it’s going to be a bucket load of laughs! Can you hear my sarcasm? Oh, yeah. It’s DRIPPING. I’m a bit worried about the outcome of this new episode, titled “My Brother’s Keeper”.

In fact, Jeremy Carver told E!Online:

“But we are very proud and cautiously excited of what we think is a humdinger of a finale. Humdinger, Pop. Drink.”

Catch the article here: Supernatural Boss Answers 7 Burning Questions About the “Shocking” Season 10 Finale

*nervous laughter*

Honestly, I’m both nervous and excited about the finale. As Carver says in the article above:

“I’ll just say this: Jared and Jensen, not to mention Misha, Mark and Ruth, poured their hearts into this finale. I’m tremendously excited that the fans get to see these performances from a cast of players that—10 years inare still willing to leave it all on the floor.”

… and so am I. Because I love this cast, I love the writers (even if I have issues with plot sometimes, as a writer myself), and I love this show.

As a side note, it has been an absolute privilege writing for Fangirlish this Season 10. I’m moving on, but I know this fandom is in good hands with who fills my shoes. Thanks for reading my articles, Hunters!

Check out the sneak peek to the Supernatural season 10 finale, “My Brother’s Keeper”:

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