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’13 Reasons Why’ Recap and Review: Tape 6, Side B

’13 Reasons Why’ Recap and Review: Tape 6, Side B

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I feel like at some point in our lives, we’ve all made a super big mistake. And it feels like the end of the world, especially when it has to do with disappointing our parents. But when you’re at a point in your life where you feel like you keep making mistake after mistake, being yelled at by the two people who you thought were always going to be there can be devastating. It suddenly feels like literally everyone is against you so you try and go find someplace to escape to. And for Hannah Baker, that was Bryce’s party, but it was less of an escape and more of another mistake.

Hannah winds up at a party after an argument with her parents. The students are served subpoenas, and Justin wrestles with conflicting loyalties.


In the day that Hannah summarizes as “the worst day of my life” it all goes downhill after Hannah forgets the bank deposit on top of her car. She drives away and the money bag goes flying off—an honest mistake. Seriously, this reminded me of the time where my friend left her sneakers on top of her car and drove off, not realizing it until we got to a red light. Today, the story never fails to make us laugh, but at the time, she was devastated. Like so upset. So of course, I can see how this seriously affected Hannah, especially after everything she had been through.

Her parents weren’t very happy with her and there was a lot of yelling between the three. Hannah decides she needs some time alone and away from her parents so she goes on a walk. Somehow, her walk takes her to Bryce’s house where there’s a party going on. Hannah basically invites herself over and decides to have a little fun. She’s invited into the hot tub with Jess, Justin and Zach. It’s seemingly innocent and Hannah actually looks like she’s having a little bit of fun.

Yet it all begins to go south when Hannah is joined by none of than Bryce—after everyone else escaped inside. The two begin a conversation that seems very innocent and we can’t help but think back to the first time Bryce and Hannah met in episode one. But when Hannah goes to leave, Bryce stops her and begins to make his move.

In a very close and uncomfortable scene we see Bryce begin to touch Hannah, leading to Hannah trying to get out of the situation. Only Bryce doesn’t want that to happen and forces himself onto—and into Hannah. He rapes her in the hot tub and the audience is forced to watch his hands touch her, Hannah’s fists clench as her breaths come ragged before she falls silent, letting Bryce take advantage of her because she knows she can’t get out. Bryce pins her down and it’s clear that he’s much bigger than her, so she can’t get away. It’s rough to watch and makes me feel not great.

After, the camera cuts to Hannah walking down an empty street, dressed and dripping wet. She looks numb, eyes glazed over and shaking slightly. When she gets home, her parents are asleep and she just heads up to her room. Staying in her wet clothes, Hannah begins to make a plan, thinking her life is over, so she draws up a chart that leads back to Bryce; it’s been Bryce’s fault since the beginning. The picture of her on Justin’s phone, raping both her and Jess, and everything in between. It’s heartbreaking to watch and you know that this is where Hannah loses all hope. 


After listening to the tape and hearing what Bryce did to Hannah, Clay decides to confront him. He seems to be the only one wanting justice for all the shit Bryce did—all the other kids are fine with sweeping it under the rug. But Clay is nothing if but persistent, so he goes to Bryce’s under the guise of wanting some weed.

He brings up Hannah and then quite frankly accuses Bryce of raping her. Bryce isn’t too happy with that accusation and wants Clay out of his house. Clay refuses to leave, and an argument between the boys breaks out. Bryce believes that it wasn’t rape because Hannah was at his house, in his hot tub—basically asking for it because she “made eyes.” (whatever the fuck that means.) Clay reacts kind of violently and punches Bryce, which causes a fight to break out. Well, mostly just Bryce wailing on Clay, making him bleed and finishing him off with “She was practically begging me to fuck her. If that’s rape, then every girl at this school wants to be raped.”

A very crass thing to say, but not an uncommon thought process of most high school boys. To them, the smallest look, “made eyes” can mean “fuck me.” Here’s the thing. You need verbal consent, if she’s asking for you to stop—like Hannah was, it means stop. Not keep going. If she is visibly uncomfortable and not enjoying it, then she does not want it.

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Moving on, before Clay confronts Bryce, we see the rest of the teens meeting up to discuss the subpoenas they were served at the beginning of the episode. They’re all nervous and unsure of what to do about it. Sheri even decides to turn herself in for the stop sign she hit. It seems like the subpoenas are getting through to them and making the teens aware that this shit is serious. Though the only person who seems to still be defending Bryce is Courtney, who can seriously fuck right off.

In the end, Alex goes on a rant about how Hannah was right about each of them in her tapes and he admits that he made a mistake and wants to tell the truth to honor her. It was a seriously powerful moment and I adore Miles Heizer for the vulnerability he brings to the character.

The group decides to tell the truth about their involvement with Hannah, no matter what happens to them. So it’ll be interesting to see how these interviews go.


  • Tony tells his boyfriend about Hannah
  • Justin tries to make amends with Jess
  • Tyler buys a gun
  • The episode ends with an ambulance reporting a seventeen year old boy with a gunshot wound to the head 

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