’13 Reasons Why’ Review: Tape 4, Side A

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Hi friends! Liz here to recap and discuss the seventh episode of 13 Reasons Why!

In this episode, we touch upon how even the smallest form of bullying can seriously seem like the end of the world for someone who has been going through a rough time. We see how the term “nice guy” can be a front for someone who is nice until you don’t give them what you want, we see the seriously negative effects these tapes are having on Clay and finally, we see that Hannah’s version of some events might not have gone the way she explained them.

Another student sabotages Hannah during a class project. Clay’s nightmares about Hannah spill over into the daytime.


Basically, Clay’s losing his goddamn mind. There are three specific points of this happening during the episode. The first is when he yells at a new girl who was trying to get into her locker, which happens to be Hannah’s old locker, then imagines her accusing him of killing Hannah. The second time is at the basketball game when he imagines himself stalking onto the court and punching Zach in the face. And the third time is at the basketball game when he sees Hannah’s body on the gym floor in a puddle of blood.

All of these visions force Clay over the edge and he ends up screaming about Hannah during a school tour. He delivers a monologue about how horrible the school is with such passion that you can’t help the chills that break out across your skin. He throws it all out into the open, accusing the school and his peers about what they did or didn’t do to help Hannah—ultimately that it was their fault she killed herself.

It packs a punch and clearly states that Clay isn’t happy with how the school has handled anything, including Hannah. Hannah tried to reach out for help in her own way multiple times this episode only to be ignored or placated.


But this episode’s tape is all about Zach. He’s the dumb, but cute basketball jock who Kat wanted to set Hannah up with in the first episode. Honestly, I was surprised that Zach even had a tape because he genuinely seemed like a nice guy—he could do better, but he was nice.

Hannah starts out his tape by explaining that what he did to her may seem like she was overreacting and, in truth, it did to me. I felt like she was overreacting, but then I had to remind myself of the position she was in: she felt like she was completely alone so again, even the smallest act of bullying seemed like the end of the world.

So here’s what happened, Zach stayed with Hannah after Marcus was horrible to her on their dollar Valentine date. He tried to cheer her up and sat with her until well after necessary. Then he began talking to her, flirting with her and eventually admitting that he liked her and wanted to take her out. Hannah reacted kind of violently, like wordwise. She was actually kind of rude to him about the whole thing, even laughing straight up in his face and of course, that struck a nerve with Zach.

Honestly, in my opinion, Hannah shouldn’t have reacted that way. Zach was just trying to be nice to her, just like he was the previous night. It was obvious that he felt bad for what Marcus did and he obviously did like Hannah, so he didn’t deserve to be treated the way Hannah treated him. Was she just projecting? Or trying to protect herself? Either way, it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation. I ended up feeling really bad for Zach; he was just trying to be nice and Hannah was kind of a bitch.

And I’m not defending Zach’s reaction either. He retaliated in the worst way. Instead of just letting it go, he decided to take it a step further and start taking the little drawings that were being left in Hannah’s compliment bag. I need to point out that Clay was the one leaving the small drawings and I need to point out that it melted my heart. And let me remind you that for some reason, Zach wasn’t getting any compliments.

Hannah figured this out and decided to pour her heart and soul into a note to Zach about how much the small drawings meant to her. She slipped it into her bag where she knew Zach would get it and read it.

Here’s where it gets tricky, Hannah thought Zach threw out the note. But in the present, during a conversation with Clay and Zach, Zach admits that he kept the note, even showing it to Clay. So now we have to wonder, what else has Hannah lied about?


  • Parental H2Hs
  • Skye and Clay discussing their past friendship and Skye encouraging him to live his life
  • Hannah anonymously reaching out in her Communications class about feeling alone and depressed, but no one really took it seriously

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