Zayn Malik Talks Why He Left One Direction


If there is one thing that we know in life – it’s that people come and go. We know that nothing ever stays the same and we can count on things changing. But it’s life.

Sometimes we all do things because it’s what we need to do, because it’s what we want to do in the moment, and it’s a matter of being able to exist in the moment. With Zayn Malik’s interview with Fader – for the first time we get the reason that he left One Direction and we aren’t mad about it all.

“I’m actually quite easy, a happy-go-lucky sort of guy,” Zayn says, explaining how he was perceived in the dynamic of One Direction, “But there was a lot of situations that were almost created to make me be portrayed as the mysterious or quiet one. I guess that’s just something that people buy into, and it helps them sell things. It’s a product that’s already designed, and it sells.”​​

When he talked about leaving half way through the On The Road Again tour, he was frank and said, “I guess I just wanted to go home from the beginning. I was always thinking it. I just didn’t know when I was going to do it. Then by the time I decided to go, it just felt right on that day. I woke up on that morning, if I’m being completely honest with you, and was like, ‘I need to go home. I just need to be me now, because I’ve had enough.’ I was with my little cousin at the time—we were sat in the hotel room—and I was just, ‘Should I go home?’ And he was like, ‘If you want to go home, let’s go home.’ So we left.”

We get it. If you know where you are supposed to be – you need to follow it. When he talked about leaving the band he said, “A big part of why I left the band is I made the realisation that it wasn’t actually about [being the biggest] anymore. It wasn’t about the amount of ticket sales that I get. It was more about the people that I reach. I want to reach them in the right way, and I want them to believe what I’m saying. I’ve done enough in terms of financial backing for me to live comfortably. I just want to make music now. If people want to listen to that, then I’m happy. If they don’t want to listen to it, then don’t fucking listen to it. I’m cool with that too. I’ve got enough. I don’t need you to buy it on a mass scale for me to feel satisfied.”​

We get it Zayn. We miss you, but are looking forward to the future and your new music.

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