Colton Haynes Tweets Make Me Feel Less Alone


As I suffer from anxiety, I know what it’s like. There are days where I can’t get out of bed – and trust me I try, literally swinging one foot over the side and becoming paralyzed so that I can’t move. Every decision I make is scrutinized 20 times over and it still makes me sick. There are people I can and can not talk to. Words come out that I can’t control in moments of trying to feel at peace.

I am always told that I am too dramatic, too insecure, too in my own head. Trust me – if I could be anywhere but my own head – I would live there.

What made me cry was when Colton Haynes spoke openly about his anxiety online. It takes a lot to speak about because in this world there is such a misconception about having anxiety or any mental illness.

It started with Colton posting a tweet about an Upvoted article reporting on a study researching the link between anxiety disorders and social status. The study says that any disorder may hurt your social status. Not that that shocks us. Colton responded with a series of tweets.

I am proud of that actor for opening up and talking about it. Sparking the conversation can make changes happen. I am glad that he’s taking steps to do something like that.

It made me feel less alone.

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