Harry Styles Fans Band Together To Raise Money For Charity

Birthdays can be fun. Personally, I’ll be 21 forever – regardless of how old I get. Harry Styles is about to be 22 and fans are giving him one of the best gifts. At least we think so.

If you were wondering what to get Harold for his birthday, some of his diehard fans are getting together and raising money for The Malala Fund.

“For his Action1D video, Harry chose to speak about education. He explained how he met children whose only dream was to go to school, and how if that dream couldn’t come true, they could only look forward to a life of struggle. education is the way out of poverty.” the account explained, “So to celebrate Harry’s birthday in a special way, and to support this great cause and hopefully transform a few lives, we are raising funds to support girls’ right to education in a world where over 60 million of them are out of school. We hope for this to be a sweet birthday gift and to send a message to the world saying that just like our boys care, we care too, and we are willing to make a difference.”

They are starting full steam ahead of his February 1st birthday.

You can read all about their fundraising efforts on their website – http://hesformalala.weebly.com/ and order one of their fundraising sweatshirts here.

There is also a second shirt design.

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