So About That ‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion…

There are things that you can play with our emotions about and things you can’t. One that you can’t – anything that has to do with One Tree Hill. That is our forever favorite show.

While many people are in the midst of remakes and reboots, James Lafferty (who for those of you who don’t know One Tree Hill, played Nathan Scott) was recently asked about the possibility of a reunion or reboot.

“I definitely don’t think enough time has passed since the show ended for there to be some sort of One Tree Hill revival or scripted reunion kind of thing,” James told E! News. “But you just never know what the future brings!”

While we may not agree – cause it’s never too soon for some One Tree Hill, we get it. We’re still holding out for a Dawson’s Creek reunion also.

But the important stuff – where would Nathan and Haley be (cause they are forever, and we need to make sure that they are together), James answered, “The standard answer is he’s got like 10 kids with Haley somewhere, just killing it as a sports agent. But you never know—it is Tree Hill, so half of those kids could’ve been kidnapped by now and maybe he’s on a vigilante mission to rescue them, who knows.”

One Tree Hill ended in 2012, but we miss it. We really miss it.

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