‘Girl Meets World’ Sabrina Carpenter Covers Cliche Magazine

We find Sabrina Carpenter to be absolutely adorable. She’s a young woman on the rise and we can’t get enough of her positive attitude.

We’re also obsessed with Girl Meets World, where she play Maya. Maya’s like the bad ass who doesn’t want anyone to know that she has a heart, but she’s all heart. Sabrina is covering Cliche Magazine and looking fabulous.


[lead]On playing Maya Hart:[/lead] “Something about reading for Maya just came so naturally to me. She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, but I think that’s the great thing about her. She’s got so many layers. Just through these two seasons, I have learned so much about her and have gotten to do a lot of different things emotionally.”

[lead]On her very first role on Law & Order: SVU:[/lead] “I didn’t really know what acting was at that point, and it took me a couple of years to get started. So when I was around 11, I booked my first role, and it was a much more serious role than I ever thought I’d be doing, but I think that’s what showed me that there was maybe a career in it. That’s the cool thing about being a kid in the industry. You have so much vulnerability and curiosity because you don’t know what you’re doing until you’re a couple years in. But we still don’t know what we’re doing. We’re just pretending that we do.”

[lead]On how she grew up while recording her first album: [/lead]“I learned more about myself in the past two years than I think a human should. But I think it was great because it taught me so much. There’s so much behind things that you don’t understand until you’re actually in the process of making your first album.”

[lead]On her first Disney Channel Pilot not getting picked up:[/lead] It opened my eyes to how many people get doors shut in their face every day. Sometimes you might book a job and the world may never see it, so there’s a lot of crazy ups and downs to deal with. I hate taking no for an answer—that’s one of my biggest pet peeves—but sometimes that’s what you have to deal with in this business, and you can’t take anything personally.


Sabrina is definitely wise beyond her years. We think she looks stunning!

Are you a fan of Sabrina's and Girl Meets World?

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