The Preview For ‘The Royals’ Has Us Going, “OH SH*T”!

As if last weeks episode of The Royals wasn’t enough to kill us, looks as though this Sundays episode is going to leave us on our ass. We have all sorts of thoughts, just from seeing the trailer for Episode 8. So let’s break it down.

1 – Isn’t it ironic that Cyrus says that everything is built on blood, when he’s kinda guilty of the most bloodshed.
2 – Why is Jasper pulling a gun? Has someone come after the princess?
3 – What exactly is Price up to? I mean we all know that he can’t be trusted, but we don’t understand. Season 1 we would have thought he shit roses.
4 – Is the Queen really not guilty? Cause we don’t trust her. She’s always up to something. Something self serving.
5 – Is anyone else waiting for Jasper and Eleanor? Cause she has to have forgiven him since she hasn’t turned his ass in.

Are you a fan of The Royals?


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