Fangirlish Favorites: Our Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2015

We’ve been busy this year and have developed a lot of favorites, because of social media. While we get the worlds fascination with Facebook and Twitter – hell even Snapchat – we’re all about Instagram. We love it. So narrowing down our favorite Instagram account was hard work.


[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]She’s real and she doesn’t hide. The thing about her Instagram is she lets us into that part of her world and she takes us into it. While we know that everyone’s Instagram is curated to paint them in their best light, we feel like Halsey’s is just real. It’s her – take it or leave it. And if you leave it – there’s the door.


Model pose! #CrushingIt

A photo posted by ryan kelley (@the_ryan_kelley) on

[highlight]Why we love it:[/highlight] Yes, we have never made a secret that we’re Teen Wolf fanatics over here – so it’s no surprise that someone from Teen Wolf would make our list. This year, that person is Ryan Kelley and it’s for a very specific reason. He doesn’t take himself too seriously which makes him inviting. The actor is like here’s my life, here’s my abs – I’m gonna live my best life. In a world where Hollywood seems to think that everything needs to be done perfectly – Ryan Kelley’s perfection is in his reliability – you can rely on him to be the best version of himself. And that’s pretty damn fun.


A video posted by Patrick Adams (@halfadams) on

[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]Adams curates fantastic photos for his Instagram. It’s not only pictures of himself, his fiance, but it’s pictures of houses and his travels around the world. Yes, you may only see a map sometimes or a picture of a passport, but Adams makes you feel like you are traveling with him. He’s just fun with beautiful pictures.


Hard work paying off…Ready to roll #Valerian @lucbesson

A photo posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

[highlight]Why we love it:[/highlight] There is no denying that Cara is beautiful, but that’s not the reason we love her Instagram. We’re loving it because she doesn’t give a fuck what people think about her. She’s no holds barred and blunt. Cara isn’t just like “here I am, look at me”, she’s like, “I have a voice and I am going to use it. If you don’t like it, oh well.” We appreciate the fact that Cara’s teaching women that they aren’t wrong for being strong.


[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]Here’s the thing about people in Hollywood – they are either likable or they are not. In a world where everyone could be out for themselves, Carina’s out to make a difference. While one photo you can see her hobnobbing with the elite of the CW, the next she’s using her voice for causes that we love – Stand up to Cancer, TWLOHA. She lets you know when she’s having a good day, when she’s having a bad day, when she just wants to be thankful for everything. Carina’s like the best friend that you didn’t know you needed, but that you knew you always wanted. She’s always been inspiring to us.


??? #kutnahora

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[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]Here’s the thing about Chloe… we love her. She’s a writer for us. But the reason why we’re adding her on here? Cause you guys asked us to. We received a few emails about Chloe (and by a few I mean 73) and how she embodies what fangirls are. We love the fact that Chloe doesn’t brag about what she’s done, but invites you in. She truly does everything she does for love of fandoms and love of people. Her feed takes you everywhere she goes and makes you feel good about it. One of you wrote us,“Chloe is always with the Teen Wolf cast, but she is humble about it. She doesn’t brag. Instead she makes us feel like we are there with her. For that I will always love her.” We get it. We feel the same.


The Colosseum took my breathe away. Pretty sure I got a bit teary eyed haha #Rome

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[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]Colton Haynes is easy on the eyes, yes. But that’s not the reason we’re all about his feed. It’s because he does something that most celebrities do – he reminds us that he’s human. He makes you laugh, cry, and be thankful for him. Colton shows that in a world of being on an ego trip – he’s grounded and he appreciates the fans. He does what he does out of love for his craft.


Real eyes, realise, real lies.

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[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]Because Liam is thirsty as fuck in a good way. He’s just too much and not enough at the same time. We’re huge One Direction fans and we can’t get enough. But if we had to pick anyone’s feed – it’s Liam’s. Liam wants to remind us he’s human and does at every turn. We love him, we feel like we know him. We can’t get enough.


[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]There are few things we love more than Emily Bett Rickards and her savvy social media presence especially on Instagram. There’s Instagramming and then there’s Instagramming done right. Whether it’s photos from the set of “Arrow” or pics with BFF Colton Haynes or countless-but-never-too-many pics of her dog Ophie, Emily’s Instagram is a must-follow.


Today I hiked to the top of the pools #onanAdventure

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[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]Look, we know you are thinking that we put it in here because of the 1D connection, but that’s not it. It’s because we’ve loved her since she did her stint on a Disney Channel movie. We love that she is always happy, always having fun, and has a strong sense of family. She’s not phased by Hollywood, she’s phased by the things she loves. And for that we applaud.


Merry Christmas Baby @delaneyy.bugg ☃

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[highlight]Why we love it: [/highlight]Because it’s Taylor. It’s truly Taylor. We want to be her – not her really, but the kind of person that she projects herself to be. We can’t get enough of how she is. We can’t get over how amazing she is. We can’t get past how generous she seems. We can’t get past the impact that she’s made on our lives and so many peoples hearts. For that Taylor, we applaud you.

What are your favorite Instagram feeds of 2015?



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