Cassie Clare Talks ‘Shadowhunters’ and Where She’ll Be For the Premiere


We are all waiting for Shadowhunters to start in a few days and can’t wait. Cassie Clare sat down with the Boston Globe and talked about the upcoming premiere.

[lead]Where she’ll be for the premiere:[/lead] I believe at McG’s house, with the cast and the producers. I wasn’t originally going to fly out to LA, but he promised me there would be synchronized swimming. That’s only sort of a joke — he did promise synchronized swimming, but of course I wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to watch a TV show with the people who created it and worked on it. I’m curious to watch them watching.

[lead]On her involvement in the show:[/lead] I haven’t been very involved in the show, so not too much traveling. I went up to the set, which is always fun, getting to watch the cast and crew work and create a whole world on screen. I’ve been to New York twice to promote the show, once for Comic Con, which was wild. Some of the cast is very experienced, but for some it’s the first time they’ve worked on something like this, so to be with them while they experience people being so excited to meet them and so enthusiastic is fun.

[lead]On watching PLL:[/lead] I did watch the first season! Marlene King, who’s the showrunner, wrote actually a very good early draft of the movie of “City of Bones,” and she also sent me the whole first season of “PLL” as a box set. Then I kept meaning to continue it, but all the publicity and the business of the movie cut in, and now I don’t have time for TV watching. I don’t think I’ve completed a season of anything in ages! It’s a goal.

We’re excited and can’t wait to see what comes from the cast on premiere night – especially since they will all be together.

Shadowhunters premieres on January 12th.

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