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Dakota Johnson Covers Marie Claire

Dakota Johnson Covers Marie Claire

Don’t know about you guys – but we’re excited for How to be Single to be in theaters tomorrow. Dakota Johnson has been doing a lot of press for the show and covers Marie Claire’s March 2016 issue.

In the magazine she talks about everything from working out to Fifty Shades.

[highlight]On having a normal life:[/highlight] “The idea of being at home and picking up kids from school and cooking dinner and then the husband comes home–there’s something that seems really nice to me ’cause I never had that growing up. And it seems so enticing. But in my mind, I’m like, Well, I’ll just play that in a movie and go about my own life, bizarre as it is.”

[highlight]On the paparazzi: [/highlight]“I don’t feel tough enough to be accosted by people. When I’m feeling particularly fragile, I just won’t leave my house.”

[highlight]On her extra workouts for the Fifty Shades sequels:[/highlight] “I think the human body is so sexy, and if I’m going to be naked, I want to look great.”

[highlight]On dating:[/highlight] “I don’t have a boyfriend–why? You got one for me? Right now I find myself having the capacity to love my family and friends, and that’s it.”

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[highlight]On actresses she admires:[/highlight] “Gena Rowlands is my all-time love. Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer. I grew up watching their work; they are extraordinary. [Amy Schumer] I admire her so much. She’s fearless.”

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