The Sequel For ‘San Andreas’ is Coming

San Andreas. The movie was a hit even though we would have loved more Colton Haynes in it. The news though – we’re getting a sequel so there is a chance for redemption.

Yes – don’t get us wrong we love The Rock and Alexandra Daddario. Sure, we’re not looking forward to another big earthquake that will scare the crap out of us. But, we’re embracing.

Neil Widener and Gavin James have been hired to write the sequel. None of the plot points have been released – so we don’t know what’s going to happen. But we’re intrigued. The sequel is said to focus on The Ring of Fire. All we know about that (and yes, we know that we should have paid more attention in science). However, we’ll just stay away from researching that because we don’t want to be scared.

Hey, we liked the first one – so we’re thrilled for this one.

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