15 Reasons Why ‘The Resident’ Needs a Season 3

Now that it is 2019, I’m looking forward to seeing what spring TV will bring, especially in terms of The Resident. This show has been heart pounding in it’s sophomore season, and from what the producers have said about upcoming plots, it doesn’t sound like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Which is a good thing. Especially considering where this show left us. I need answers, like yesterday.

However, I’m also looking forward to seeing if the incredibly steady and strong ratings that this show has been producing can correlate into a season 3 renewal. This show airs on Fox, and it has a horrible track record of cancelling shows before their time. Hello, remember FireflyBrooklyn Nine-Nine? Lucifer?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer both found new homes to continue on, but, alas, the Firefly curse still remains. Fox, listen to your viewers! Don’t just go by the Nielsen ratings. It’s out of touch with the modern audiences.

No fandom should have scream at you to save their beloved show. You should see the passionate fans, and realize that social media response in terms of trending and engagement with the producers and cast also should be taken into account.

Luckily, The Resident has this. Amy Holden Jones, the show’s co-creator and co-executive producer is constantly engaging with fans on various social media platforms. The cast is amazing with engaging with the fandom as well.  Fox does well with promotion of the show. Whether it be via TV or social media, it does well. It’s a good sign for the show, however, just because of this scenario and Fox’s past decisions, I won’t be getting comfortable until I see Fox has renewed for season 3.

Other things that look good for this is that when Fox gave the greenlight for season 2, they gave 13 episodes. Three episodes into the season and they ordered another nine, which gave season 2 a full 22 episode season. Yay! So, it’s a sign of faith from the network.

Will this faith lead us to a season 3? Only time can tell. I just hope we won’t have to wait on baited breath until May for the renewal. The worst kind of thing that can happen to a fandom is going into the final stretch of a season and not knowing if you have another season coming in the fall.

Please, Fox, hear my plea. Don’t make this wonderful fandom wait like you did last year. This show is too good for that. The fans are too loyal for that.

So, without further ado, here are 15 wonderful reasons for The Resident to get a season 3.

1. The Backstories

A season 3 will allow for the backstories of each of our characters to be expanded on even more.

Season 2 has done an amazing job with this. We have gotten answers to questions about Conrad and Nic’s relationship, some clues about Mina, even Bell. We got answers about Conrad’s mother’s death and why he and Marshall were estranged. We got hints about Nic’s past with her sister and mom. We’ve even gotten hints about Devon’s family.

However, we need more!

A season 3 would help provide the writers and producers to expand upon these backgrounds and give us even more fleshed out characters. There are so many questions. While we do have 13 episodes left in this current season to help with this, we want more. Of course, a true fan always wants more.

There are so many questions!

  • AJ – What about AJ? I’d love to see how he came to be who he is. How he decided to be a surgeon. Where did his ego come from?
  • Mina – Mina revealed some of her past in “Heart in a Box” to AJ. About how her sisters died in a house fire that she inadvertently caused because she fell asleep and left the stove on, due to her having been tired from being in medical school at the time. She feels an extreme amount of guilt about this. It’s why she is so closed off. So blunt. So against the idea of romantic love. I’d love to know more about her childhood in Nigeria. More of what drove her to become a surgeon. What makes Mina tick.
  • Conrad – We all know Conrad has a past in the Marines. We’ve seen the scars his time in the military has left him with. The PTSD he still suffers from. The issues that remain. It’s a wonderful start to fleshing out our leading man. What season 3 could provide is more backstory about his time in the Marines serving in Afghanistan. How he decided to go into the military so young and how it transformed him into becoming a doctor. What made him the character we know. His time in the military is a major part of his past and season 3 would allow to have it fleshed out.
  • Marshall – A lot of Conrad’s plot this season revolves around Marshall, as it should. He is his father. This season has done amazing, in the nine episodes that have aired so far, to flesh out the issues in this father/son relationship. Questions have began to be answered. Why were they estranged? Why did it take Marshall 20 years to track Conrad down? What happened with his mother? They answered some of these. However, we need more. While they explained some of the reasoning behind the divorce of Conrad’s parents and his mother’s subsequent death, things still aren’t clear. The rest of the season could help provide those answers, however, having a 3rd season would also allow for the fleshing out of this story even more. I’d also love to know what makes Marshall tick. How did he come to have such deep pockets? Why did Conrad really hate him so much? Was it just that he thought his dad murdered his mom? Or is there something else? Also, what of his health issues? I need answers. I definitely feel confidant in going by the promos and teases that Marshall will be ok. I’ve definitely come to care about this character, and I am excited to see how they continue to flesh out his relationship with Conrad. To flesh out more of what makes him who he is.
  • Nic – This season has hinted at a past where it hasn’t always been so easy for Nic. She’s had a rough one. She’s hinted at some substance abuse issues herself, and now with her sister, Jessie, battling the same issues, it makes you wonder. What is this not so easy past? What caused her mother to need medical care and then die from the wrong medical decision? We know this drove her to be a nurse practitioner. To help people in the same position she was once put in. I’d love to see a younger Nic and Jessie with their mom. I’d love to see how the loss of their mom puts them where they are now. Most importantly, I just want to see more of the bond of the Nevin sisters. Season 3 will allow this to happen.
  • Devon – Devon is still, after 23 episodes, the least developed character in the show. This season, his major plot is his involvement in a love triangle that ended up in him cancelling his wedding and ending it with his fiancé to figure things out. Devon deserves better. Hopefully, the rest of season 2 will start this process. What drove Devon to become a doctor? His home life. The culture. They have an amazing opportunity to show Indian culture and representation through Devon. I’d love to see how the culture he grew up in was a driving force to his academic pursuits and success. How it shaped the character we know. How did he meet Priya? We know how it ended, but what about the beginning? I know, usually they don’t let you see the start of a relationship you know is doomed, but she was a huge part of his life for three years. That’s most of his time in medical school. I’d be interested in seeing that part of Devon. Season 3 would allow Devon to begin and continue to be fleshed out.
  • Kitt – Kitt Voss is the new character on this show. Introduced in “About Time”, she hasn’t had much time to develop. However, we know that she is a mom. That she is a grandmother. There’s something there to explore. She’s also a revered orthopedic surgeon, and there’s tons to explore here. How did she get where she is? What sacrifices did she make with family to get where she is in her career? It seems she isn’t close to her family. That could be an amazing plot to explore and develop for her. If Jane Leeves signs another contract, upon renewal, these are just a few of the items that could be explored. This is why this show needs a season 3! This character is amazing and we want to know more about her.
  • Bell – He’s got himself into a huge mess, hasn’t he? However, this isn’t what this section is about. This season, Bell hinted at his humble upbringing and the death of his parents being the driving force as to why he became a doctor. I’d love to see more of the version of Bell before he was corrupt. Before all this. How did he become such a horrible doctor? Or was he always, and just got away with it? These are a few of the things that having a season 3 would help flesh out.

2. More Matt Czuchry

Tumblr: half-synth

Matt has been knocking it out of the park as Conrad. There have been episodes where I have been left in shock at how raw and powerful his performance was. I’ve been a fan of Matt since his days as Logan Huntzberger. I’ve seen him portray Cary Agos. I can say I’ve seen him portray many, many powerful performances over the past 15 years.

However, he’s stepped it up a notch as Conrad. This character is very unlike anything he’s done before, and yet you still see parts of Cary and Logan in there sometimes. As a longtime fan, I guess that is natural.

I believe the three episodes so far, and I’m including season 1 as well, that have been the most powerful performances are: “Lost Love”, “The Germ”, and “The Dance”. The open and raw emotion Matt brings to Conrad in the emotional scenes of those episodes made me shed a few tears, or a lot. Ok, it was the whole tissue box, but still. His performance as Conrad is his best yet.

I’ve also read that the show’s executive producer, Todd Harthan, has told TV Line that he has on good authority that in the next episode back, that Matt gives another powerful performance.

“[Episode 10 shows] the true, raw emotion of a son who is about to potentially lose his father. Matt [Czuchry] really nailed the bigger, emotional moments.”


This is why this show need season 3. It gives Matt more chances to shine, and opportunities to get that Emmy.

3. Representation Matters

When talking about representation, The Resident isn’t the first show that comes to mind. There are many shows that are diverse and amazing at providing representation for people of color, LGBT, Latinxs, and many more.

However, this show does have a diverse cast.

We have Mina, our woman of color. She’s Nigerian. She’s a surgeon who is learning the ropes of the OR from her mentor, AJ, who himself provides representation of another variety.

Mina represents a WOC who works in a science based field and isn’t afraid to call it as she sees it. Mina is blunt. She doesn’t have the best bedside manner, but she’s working on it. She also has a jaded idea of romantic love. She has a tragic past, and it has shaped her and driven her where she is.

She has the drive to be nothing but the best surgeon she can be, and she realizes she may have to step on a few toes to achieve her dreams. Keep chasing those dreams, Mina! Keep standing up for you! Don’t lose yourself in this messed up system.

And as noted above, we also have AJ. He provides the African-American male representation, that until Malcolm-Jamal Warner was added to the cast, was sorely needed on this show. While we’ve had guest and recurring characters to help with this, it was minimal in the terms of true representation. AJ brings that.

We don’t know much about him, but whatever made him want to be a surgeon, we are glad he did. He’s a mentor to Mina and a very accomplished cardiothoracic surgeon. He has an ego the size of the state of Texas, and he knows it. He knows he’s good at what he does, and he doesn’t let anyone tell him otherwise. He stands up for what he believes in. It’s the type of representation that is very positive for the African-American community.

Last, but not least, is Devon. He provides another type of representation. He’s Indian-American. Many Indian men go into the medical profession, and Devon definitely shows this. Devon has had his share of issues along the way, and has actually battled racism while on duty at Chastain. It was interesting to have that written into an episode and to see Devon’s reactions to it. He didn’t handle it well, but who would right?

They did an amazing job showing parts of Indian culture in his connection with his ex-fiancé and his parents. His parents had an arranged marriage, and yet his mother had the heart to tell Devon to follow his heart, even though she would love if he married Priya.

This is big for Devon’s plot, and is quite possibly the reason he chose to end things with Priya. The Indian culture has a lot of family obligation involved, and to hear that he was not obliged to make his parents happy by marrying Priya, made Devon make the decision he did.

They did an amazing job with the decoration and clothing for Devon’s wedding, It provided a lot of representation of the Indian culture. My hopes are that they will continue to use Devon to show hints and parts of this culture. It’s a positive thing that I hope they continue doing with this aspect of his plot. Use him to show this amazing and very different culture. Bring in his parents more.

However, even with the three aspects I have written about already, the show is lacking. It lacks LGBT representation. We need a major or  recurring LGBT character. I don’t know if it is because the show airs on Fox or something else, but it is something I’ve noticed, whereas many other shows in the same genre are embracing LGBT representation.

Another form of representation I’ve seen lacking is Latinx. There have been a few guest stars that have been Latinx, but nothing more. I’d love to see them have some major Latinx representation on The Resident.

So, while the representation game is strong on this show, it lacks in a few areas that it could greatly benefit from. This is another reason it would greatly benefit from having a season 3. It’s a chance to not only continue with the representation they are providing, but to continue making the show more diverse by providing Latinx and LGBT representation, and keep doing it in a way that’s not stereotyped or insulting to those who are.

4. Conic Growth

The relationship between Conrad and Nic is one my favorite aspects of the show. It’s been surprisingly stable since they reconciled at the end of “Lost Love”. They’ve had their issues, just like any couple, fictional or otherwise.

This season gave us the backstory as to why they weren’t together anymore. We learned about their miscarriage and Conrad’s ongoing battle with PTSD being the death of the first part of their relationship. However, they still loved each other.

So much so, Conrad gave Nic his mother’s ring. A ring that his mom told him to only give to “the love of his life”. When Nic realizes the importance, she offers to return it Conrad, and he refuses telling her that she’s earned the ability to keep it. That she is “the love of his life”.

Through pains of losing Lily, and the subsequent fallout of Nic being framed by Dr. Hunter. They preserved. We realized just what Conrad would do to protect Nic. To help her. Even if it meant going to his father to get Nic’s bail money.

This season, Nic has been very supportive of Conrad working through his relationship with his father. She’s been his guiding post, if you will. It’s been a very positive thing for their relationship.

However, recently I read a blurb that stated that the back half of the season would be nothing but obstacles for Conrad and Nic’s relationship to battle. With Marshall and Jessie taking their time from each other, it’s a question how much can they handle. So, hang on for a bumpy ride.

If they can battle this, then Conrad and Nic will experience amazing growth in their relationship that, should season 3 happen, will allow more growth between these two characters, and many squeals of shipper glee from me.

We need many more years with Conic ahead of us, but season 3 seems like a wonderful start.

5. Gun Violence

A 3rd season would allow The Resident to remain timely and cover a rather controversial topic of our time period – gun violence. It’s not like this show hasn’t been controversial on it’s own. The main theme is showing how corrupt the American healthcare system is. It’s tackled issues like #MeToo and medical fraud. I don’t see why they couldn’t have an episode to focus on gun violence.

The show is set and filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, a city plagued with gun violence issues. They definitely have the background and headlines they can pull plot from.  Make it realistic and make a statement. Show that something needs to be done, because people are dying from senseless violence everyday in the backyard of the production of this show.

Real ER’s are filled daily with gun violence victims and their families begging for answers and their lives to be saved. If there is a show out there that could do this type of plot line, it’s The Resident. They could use it to show how these events effect the medical staff behind closed doors. The people who see the horrors of it all.

Many a doctor has come online personally stating something needs to be done. Guess why? Because they see the nightmares of it first hand. This could be how this episode handles it. Show the other side of it all.

As I stated above, this show already makes a political statement with its main theme, I don’t see why they couldn’t handle an episode focusing on the medical nightmares that come with gun violence.

Season 3 could provide us with just the episode.

6. More Irving!

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Tasso Feldman and guest str Jessica Miesel in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

Irving Feldman, who is portrayed by actor Tasso Feldman, is an amazing addition to the show.

Irving provides, more often than not, comic relief during the episodes. He’s often trying get Devon to loosen up.

Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

In the Halloween episode, he dressed in two different, but hilarious costumes, just to try to get into Mina’s Halloween party. He’s also been seen singing karaoke with Nurse Jessica at Devon’s bachelor party, and there have often been humorous moments between Irving and Jessica that make you guess if more is going on between them than meets the eye.

Whatever the case, I love Irving and he’s definitely a character I want more of.

You ask why I’d use him as a case for another season, but here’s the thing, I’ve already stated it. He’s the comic relief. He makes me laugh during every episode he’s in.

In the search for truth and justice, there can be a lot of drama. After all, it is a medical drama. We need a laugh or two thrown in the mix, and this character provides that.

That being said, I’d actually love to see his plot fleshed out some as well. He may be a recurring character used for comic relief, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know more about the guy. Make me care more about him. I’d love to see an expanded role for Tasso, and season 3 could provide that.

7. Expand on the Various Relationships of the Characters

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Steven Reddington, Shaunette RenŽe Wilson and Matt Czuchry in the “Rude Awakenings and The Raptor” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, April 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

What I mean by this is that put the characters in different pairings than we usually see them.

Instead of putting Devon with Irving, say put him with AJ. Or put Mina with Conrad. Nic with Devon.

As much I love our typical pairings – Conrad and Nic, AJ and Mina, Devon and Irving, etc. – I’d love see how the characters react when dealing with all the other characters as well, not just who they are used to.

Pull them out of their comfort zone and see what happens. I want to see the chemistry of the entire cast and how they all work together. The show accomplishes this some, but I need more of it.

Season 3 seems like a reason for more expansion on the atypical pairings of the characters.

8. Mental Health Exploration

While the show does show and talk about the mental illnesses of some of the characters, it has a long way to go in the regards of it making the characters be aware of the true issues they have.

Conrad, for instance, has PTSD. He’s gotten better. He’s gotten some help, thanks to Nic’s urging. However, he often is a closed book, even to Nic. From my personal experience in battling mental illness, that’s not a good thing. To make things easier for yourself, and your loved ones, you need to open up. If not to a loved one, then to a certified therapist. I’d kill to see Conrad in a therapy session. Maybe take Nic with him? Maybe relationship counseling? They might benefit. They need to be open to the other, and that’s just not the case right now.

Nic is another prime candidate for this plot. She has anxiety and panic attacks, and only her sister knows about it. She needs to tell Conrad. He deserves to know, as her significant other. Considering his own issues, he may actually be able to help. Who knows, it may make him open up too.

Whatever the case, these two characters need to open up and work through it together. With that being said, this plot line could not only benefit the Conrad and Nic relationship, but the relationship they have with other characters. Say Nic and Jessie. Conrad and Marshall. Their jobs. Especially in their line of work.

Having a storyline explore being open minded about the stigma of mental illness, would definitely make a statement considering all the issues surrounding it these days. This could definitely be something that having a season 3 could help the show benefit from.

9. Devon’s Love Life

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Jenna Dewan and Manish Dayal in the “The Germ” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

This season has put Devon in the middle of a forbidden love triangle, and it ended up wrecking his love life. He went from engaged to single with the snap of his fingers, and now he’s searching for answers.

Unfortunately for Devon, his search may be longer than he expects when he goes searching to see where his feelings for Julian lead him. Julian’s status is quite unknown at the moment, to us as a viewer and to Devon. He has no clue she’s had a wreck and is submerged in a body of water, due to her actions uncovering the fraud that Quovadis was doing.

It all really depends on what happens with Julian. Is she alive? That really is the question. According to producers, someone may not make it out of the season alive, and most people are currently guessing it’s Julian. So that begs the question as to what will happen to Devon and his love life going forward.

One of the things a season 3 will help the show benefit from is answering that once Julian’s fate has been revealed. If she survives, then will they pursue this relationship? If not, then what? How will Devon deal with it all? Fleshing out his love life is something I’m all here for, as long as there is not another forbidden love triangle tied to him again.

10.  The Women Get Their Own Plots Outside Romantic Attachments and the Hospital

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Emily VanCamp and Shaunette RenŽe Wilson in the “Nightmares” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

Mina and Nic are forces to be reckoned with. These two lovely ladies are independent in their own rights, and have both faced their fare share of tragedy. It’s what makes them wonderful, strong, and admirable female characters that I love.

However, a lot of their plot this season has revolved around their jobs and their men – or at least the men they spend a lot of time around.

A majority of the time, when you see Nic, she’s either at the hospital working or she is with Conrad. While, I adore those scenes, I want more for Nic. I want to see her outside her job and her relationship with Conrad. Season 3, and hopefully the rest of season 2, would allow for this exploration. What makes Nic who she is. She deserves a plot of her own. She deserves substance. I hate when female characters become plot devices for their male counterparts. Sometimes they are intended as such, but not Nic. Nic is much more than that and she deserves better. Hopefully the rest season 2 and a potential season 3 will give us just that. Season 3 can help provide that for Nic going forward.

Same goes for Mina. Give this girl a plot line where she isn’t just supporting her male mentor. Yes, she has a boyfriend, but he’s rarely seen on screen. Mina has so much potential and deserves to have her life outside of a man and her job explored. She’s a seamstress. She makes her own clothing. She runs a clinic from her apartment for the less fortunate. The free clinic the hospital is opening will probably be able to take the place of this, but where is her social life? I get it, she’s a surgeon, but come on, she has to have friends who aren’t doctors, nurses and surgeons, right? There has to be something they can explore with Mina to make her have more substance. Season 3 can provide this for Mina.

Give these two amazing women lives outside of work and men, please, I beg of you.

11. What Is Bell’s Future?

THE RESIDENT: Bruce Greenwood in the “The Germ” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

This season, Bell’s more unsavory side has been peeled back like an onion and it is making me wonder where it is all heading.

We know he has a lot to do with Hunter, and now that she has bribed him to try get out of jail, I ask where is this going? His lawyer sees disaster all over the place, and I can’t say as I blame the guy.

Now, he has ties to Quovadis, and we know what has been revealed about them. Where will this fraud case take Bell’s storyline? Where is Chastain in all this?

Quite simply, where is Bell’s future? How will he get out of hole he dug for himself?

Well, Todd Harthan had this to say about it:

“The seeds of Quovadis really start to yield some pretty poisonous information and results for him. It gets very, very complicated. I think you’ll be very surprised by what he does and how gets out of it.”

So, a very, very complicated storyline is coming and a surprising twist on how Bell gets out of it. Seems interesting enough. When Bell gets out of the mess he’s in, where to from here? I can’t imagine he’d still be in the position he has now. I just can’t.

Season 3 will be an opportunity to show how the current events effect Bell down the road, and it’s something I’m quite interested in finding out. I may not like Bell. He has no moral compass, and is a class A misogynist, but these events taking place now have potential to bring character development. I doubt it, but hey, I’ve always been told I’m too optimistic for my own good.

12. Female Friendships and the Bonds of Sisterhood

One of the things I love the most about this show is the relationships between the female characters.

Obviously, the sisterhood bond of Jessie and Nic is one of my favorites. I NEED to see more of it. I WANT to see more of it. What makes the Nevin sisters who they are? This is one relationship that is sorely missing from the show.

Mina and Nic is also a no brainer. Love them. I love seeing Nic’s concern for Mina when she confronts AJ about his feelings for Mina. I love that Mina trusted Nic enough to takeover chaperoning her Halloween party when she had to leave to perform emergency surgery. There’s a bond between them. The friendship between Mina and Nic is rare and something we need more of on TV. I’d love to see more plots around their friendship. Get them paired together more often.

The last female friendship I want to highlight is the one of Mina and Kitt. Kitt is Mina’s mentor, sure, but she’s also her friend. I love their relationship and I want to see it fleshed out more. I need to see Mina and Kitt interact more. I honestly believe Mina has as much to learn from Kitt as she does from AJ.

Female relationships make the world go around, and we need more of them that are based on respect and admiration. The bonds of sisterhood. Having a season 3 will help The Resident flesh out these female friendships.

13. The AJ & Mina Story

Now, I bet you didn’t see this one coming, but it’s inevitable.

Yes, Mina has a boyfriend, but where can you see it going between her and Micah? Honestly, I always knew it was never going to be Micah in the end. He has had a heart transplant and still suffers from complications of it. How much of a relationship can Mina really have with him? I hate to say it like this, but the hiatus has given time to think and I just doubt that anything long lasting will happen for Micah and Mina. Sad, but true.

Now, onto why this section even exists.

Recently, new intel has released that notes that the back half will be a Micah/Mina/AJ love triangle, where they call it “frustrating”.

We already know where AJ stands with his feelings. We also know Mina can be jaded when it comes to romantic love, and AJ knows this fact. AJ also knows that he is her mentor and he doesn’t want to cross the line between them, yet. He has no qualms about Micah, which unnerves me, but I do see his point.

I actually love the chemistry between Shaunette and Malcolm and think that there is definitely something worth exploring between Mina and AJ, it’s just the thought of timing. So, where will all this lead? I say let the “frustrating” train roll in.

The potential of something more between Mina and AJ is worth having season 3 so it can be explored. Otherwise, what’s the point in frustrating the fans like this.

14. Sex Trafficking

I bet you are wondering where I am going with this, but hear me out.

The Resident has an amazing opportunity to highlight a major issue for the city of Atlanta – sex trafficking. Atlanta is the number one city in the US for sex trafficking. It’s a sad fact, but I believe that the show can shed light on this horrible fact and show that doctors and nurses can step in and break the chain. They can bring help and hope to these victims who can’t help themselves.

The ER nurses and doctors of Chastain have the heart and the ability to help these victims. They can pull these events right of the Atlanta newspaper and shed light on this horrible topic. They could possibly also show a way for people to help someone they suspect is a victim and needs help.

It would be a powerful episode, but I believe that these writers and these actors are the ones who could pull it off. The characters we know and love wouldn’t turn their backs on these people. They jump through hoops for every patient they have.

Having a season 3 could provide the show with some powerful storylines that could make a difference in the real world. That’s what this show is all about after all. Shedding light on the worst of the American healthcare industry and also the good that these doctors can do.

15. More Time For the Show to Get Its Point Across

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The last reason on my list is that a 3rd season of The Resident would allow the writers, producers, and cast to continue pulling back the curtain on the horrors of the American healthcare system. Show the grit and the grime and pull plots right from the headlines. To continue getting the message across.

So, please, Fox, I beg of you from the bottom of my heart #RenewTheResident.

The Resident airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox. The next episode will air on January 14th.

Currently a writer for The Resident, but I have many interests that include country music, fantasy and science fiction movies. I'm just your typical southern girl who was raised by a single dad. A Chris Wood and Matt Czuchry fangirl forever.