15 Things All Best Friends Know to be True

Sometimes you love them, most of the time you hate them, but truth be told, you couldn’t survive a day without your best friend.  Who else would remind you about the math homework, or to pack body spray in your gym bag?  Nonetheless, all best friends know these fifteen things to be true.

Under no circumstance do you open a snapchat from them in public, least of all a video.

When it comes to opening up a snap from your bestie, headphones are an essential, even if you are locked in your own closet.  The possibilities could range from them attempting (and failing) at rapping the fast part in Eminem’s “Rap God” to them ranting about “this bitch” to them just being the usual idiot they are, but that’s why you love them.

Speaking of Snapchat, you have no room on your phone because your photos are filled with ugly, double chinned pictures of them.

You know, just in case.  You’ve probably even debated creating an insta for the pure purpose of posting their ugly pictures because you love them just that much.

You can never stop being friends with them because they know too much.

Remember that time at Aunt Jane’s party?  Or that drunk text you sent them?  Oh, yeah, it’s all documented in their brains permanently, and aren’t afraid to remind you that they can use it as blackmail.  After all, what are best friends for?

You might have a problem with talking to your crush, but your bestie sure as hell doesn’t!  

They are the person who will gladly take over your phone and send a text/Snapchat to your crush when you are way too nervous to.  You might be extremely angry with them, but deep down, you have to admit that this is just the kind of push that you needed.

Waking up to 15 texts, 30 Facebook notifications, and 12 Snapchats, and knowing exactly who it is.  

Best of all, you aren’t even annoyed, but grateful that your friend stayed up to 6am thinking of you as they tagged you in the best memes and Harry Potter headcanons.

That one “guilty pleasure” song that you both say you hate, even though you actually know all the words to it, and aren’t afraid to blare it through the school when no one else is there.  

Cue the “Naked Mole Rap” please!

You’ve probably outlined a serious game plan about dropping out of college to pursue some crazy dream with them because, let’s be real, you two are a dream team!  

If anyone needs anything done, they call up you two, since you already know how to work so well together.  So, why wouldn’t creating an actual Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry together be such a bad idea?

Since you two are so damn hilarious, you’ve probably also considered becoming comedians.  

Why not check out a comedy club, and take the stage on open mic night?  You never know what kind of talent agents could be sitting in the audience.

When you tell someone that you’re going to an event, and they immediately assume that your bestie will be there, too.  

And why wouldn’t they?  It’s not like either of you have a life, besides from each other.

You’ve pulled the chair out from under them, as they were going to sit down.  

Were they mad?  No, but they’re never going to let you forget that, using that to justify their next twenty pranks.

You can FaceTime for 3+ hours and not get bored.  

What can you say?  It’s a talent, and it doesn’t hurt that both of you are natural born comedians, too.

You’ve looked at a pair of television besties and said “Us!”  

They’re either the Blair to your Serena, or the Spencer to your Aria, and there’s no other way you’d have it.  Well, just as long as they aren’t the Anna to your Elsa, since that is so four years ago.

You can just look at each other, not say a word, and erupt into giggles, since you can practically read each other’s minds at this point.  

This is the point where you joke and cautiously say “We spend way too much time together,” and then proceed to spend the rest of your day by their side.

You’ve given them a nickname that’s just kind of stuck, even though it makes zero sense.  

I mean, honestly, how do you even get Hoppy from Alex?  And it what logical world is Hoppy even a valid nickname?  Perhaps that’s why it’s so special, and won’t go away.

You’ve said “I love you” to each other a million times without it being weird, even though everyone questions if you’re actually dating.  

It probably doesn’t help that you go on walks in the park with each other, even though it is just to talk about fandoms, guys, and the cuties hanging out in the park.  Sometimes you wonder if it would be easier if you two did just start dating.

If these aren’t #relatable, then are you even really best friends?  Comment down below which ones are totally you and your bestie, and send them this link, so you can tell them just how “Us!!!” this really is.

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