Selena Gomez To Produce a TV Show For Lifetime

This sounds like a TV show we’d watch – a show based on Selena Gomez’s life. Yes, we’d be interested in that. We watched Entourage because we liked Mark Wahlberg.

It was announced that Selena Gomez will produce a show based off her life for Lifetime. Lifetime isn’t the network that it used to be – and we can blame UnReal for that (if you haven’t watched that show – get on it).

The show will also focus on her friends and “trusted inner circle.” We are wondering if it will address her friendships with Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift (obviously under other names).

We don’t know much as no premiere date or casting have been announced. We’re thinking it will be soon though – hearing more information that is – if it is due to be during the 2016-2017 season.

Anyone else excited for this?


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