Lucifer Season 2

Watch the New Trailer for Lucifer Season 2

The Devil is praying, my friends! Must be a new Lucifer Season 2 trailer!

Your eyes are not deceiving you, Lucifans – our favorite Devil in a suit is putting his hands together in an all new trailer for Lucifer’s second season.

Mama Morningstar is in town, as Maze so eloquently puts it, and when a lady is armed with a hot body and a credit card you know she’s someone to be feared. Outside the whole she’s the mom of the Devil deal, which, to be honest, sounds like enough of a reason to be concerned.

Some new scenes are snuck into this short but sweet trailer, and we get a look at the new characters: Mom “Charlotte” looking very angry, and Ella Lopez with Chloe, wondering why the heck Lucifer’s praying

And no, Lucifer … it’s not an instantaneous thing (he never learns).

Check out the new trailer below while we get closer every day to the premiere THIS MONTH! ARE YOU EXCITED LUCIFANS?!

Lucifer returns Monday September 19 9/8c on Fox.


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