17 Quotes From Television That Inspired Us In 2016


People of the internet! Let’s face it 2016 was a rough year which is why I’ve compiled this list of the most inspiring quotes we were gifted with this year on television to lift our spirits. To make it clear though these are not in any particular order of importance, I love every single one of these quotes and they’re equal in awesomeness in my book.

Without further ado I present my top 17 Inspiring Quotes of 2016!

1. Once Upon a Time ~ Killian “Hook” Jones

“Just promise me one thing – if I helped take off that armor, don’t put it back on just because you’re going to lose me.”

2. Outlander ~ Murtagh & Jamie

“So now we’re traitors, murderers and horse thieves? Tell me: Does it ever occur to you that taking Claire to wife might not be the wisest thing ye ever did?”

No, it doesn’t.”

3. Timeless ~ Lucy Preston

“My name is not ‘doll’ or ‘sweetheart’ or anything that sounds like a baby. The women here have actual names – I’m sure you can learn them. It’s not that hard, kind of like making coffee for yourself. You’re a rocket scientist – figure it out.”      

4. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ~ Luke & Lorelai

“Before this thing goes on, you gotta realize: the only way out is in a body bag.”

“And now we don’t have to write our vows.”  

5. Game of Thrones ~ Arya

“A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.” 

6. Once Upon a Time ~ Archie

“Maybe it’s not about how you end things, maybe it’s about how you live them.” 

7. Agent Carter ~ Peggy Carter

“I trust my instincts. They’re more reliable than what I’m told to believe.”

8. Arrow ~ Felicity Smoak & Oliver Queen

“I have a spinal cord injury. I might never make a full recovery.”

“Your superpower is right there.”  

9. Pitch ~ Ginny Baker

“I don’t need a man to rescue me. I’m the one on the mound right now. Me, I throw the ball. I give the speeches.” 

10. Lucifer ~ Chloe Decker

“We can’t control what happens to us, only how it affects us and the choices we make.”  

11. Legends of Tomorrow ~ Leonard Snart

“There are no strings on me.”  

12. Chicago P.D. ~ Trudy Platt

“You serve, you protect, you all come home tonight.” 

13. You’re the Worst ~ Tow Truck Driver

“I know you don’t want to hear this, but the minute you stop looking for someone else to cure you, maybe you start living again.”  

14. The Flash ~ Jay Garrick (the real one)

“You have to ask yourself what kind of hero you’re gonna be. Are you just gonna take a do over every time you make a mistake, or are you gonna live with them and move forward?” 

15. Teen Wolf ~ Stiles Stilinski

“Remember I love you” 

16. X-Files ~ Mulder

“You’re never ‘just’ anything to me, Scully.” 

17. This Is Us ~ William

“I know it feels like you have all the time in the world. But you don’t. So stop playing it cool. Catch the moments of your life. Catch them while you’re young and quick. Because sooner than you know it, you’ll be old and slow, and there will be no more of them to catch.”

Which quotes inspired you in 2016?

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