17 TV Scenes from 2016 We Could Watch Over and Over Again

We can all agree that there were many ups and downs in 2016, but one of the greatest gifts of the year is the amount of awesome scenes from our favorite shows. These are scenes that fandoms have decided could be watched on repeat with no end in sight. We have to say, we agree. 

1. Pretty Little Liars episode 7×10: Hanna and Caleb reunite

Every PLL fan knows that Haleb was meant to be from the very beginning. No matter how many times they try to pretend otherwise, it’s so satisfying when they finally give up the charade.

2. Teen Wolf episode 6×01: Stydia “Remember I love you”

Stydia is another one of those ships that sailed for fans before it every began sailing on the show. Whether you only watched the first season, or you’re a die-hard fan, this scene will hit you right in the feels.

3. This is Us episode 1×04: The Gift of a Magic Shirt

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of This is Us, this scene will make your heart melt with cuteness. Also, we get to stare at Milo Ventimiglia for a solid three minutes, which makes everything even better.

4. The Walking Dead episode 7×01: Negan kills Glenn

While Glenn’s death devastated most of the TWD fandom, and they probably don’t want to relive the moment, we have to admit the special effects are fantastic. It’s the kind of heart-wrenching that we don’t want to see again, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about. 

5. Big Bang Theory episode 10×11: Bernadette and Howard’s baby

Howard and Bernadette’s baby arrived on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, and they named her Halley after Halley’s Comet! The most adorable part of the entire scene is Raj finding out he’ll be the godfather. 

6. Scream Queens episode 2×04: Chanel & Denise Fight Over Chad’s Money

Emma Roberts never ceases to give a hilarious performance as Chanel on Scream Queens. In this scene, Chanel’s sense entitlement leaves her more distraught than the actual death of her boyfriend.

7. Game of Thrones episode 6×03: Jon Snow is back from the dead

As a fan favorite, Jon Snow needed to return to the show because his death just wouldn’t be tolerated. In this epic scene, Jon wakes up (back from the dead) after being stabbed six times.

8. Daredevil episode 2×11: Frank and Karen’s diner scene

Whether you ship them as best friends or something more, every scene with Frank and Karen is great. In this scene, The Punisher is giving Karen some love advice, and we just love the irony.

9. The Vampire Diaries 8×02: Stefan Proposes to Caroline

Whether you ship them or not – they are some peoples end game. And Stefan’s love for Caroline is deep. So when he proposed, we teared up. It just felt right, not forced, and all sorts of perfect.

10 – The Royals 3×01: Eleanor Forgives Jasper

We never thought that Eleanor would let her guard down enough, but she did and she let Jasper in. That was enough to fill our hearts with joy. Never saw two characters that belonged together more.

11 – Once Upon A Time 5×20: Emma and Hook Pass True Love Test

True love’s kiss… we have heard about it in all the fairy tales. We might have dreamed about it. We knew these two had it. But to actually see them pass the test and confirm that they are, indeed, true love, well … we might have actually watched this 2343432 times.

12 – Timeless 1×09: Wyatt and Lucy’s First Kiss

We all teared up when Wyatt started talking about how him and Lucy got engaged – even though we knew that he was telling the story story about how he proposed to his wife. But when he kissed her – we stopped crying and our heart skipped a beat.

13 – Shadowhunters 1×12: Malec’s First Kiss

We may not love everything about Shadowhunters, but we do love Malec’s first kiss. Though we wish we could have seen all of the things we were told about so we could understand their relationship – we were swooning over this.

14 – Arrow 4×10: For Better or Worse

Olicity is end game and this scene, from back when the show still made sense, made us tear up, want to crawl through the screen and hug them both. These two are perfection. Were perfection. Hopefully will be perfection again.

15 – Legends of Tomorrow 1×15: Captain Canary Kiss

Even if our hearts were cold, they sure melted right here. Captain Canary was everything we didn’t know we needed and we desperately, desperately miss.

16 – The Flash 3×03: Westallen Kiss

We can’t get over how much we love these two together. They are couple goals. And yes, we say “Fuck Barry” cause of Flashpoint, and because we want him to be better ….but hey, we happen to think Iris makes him better.  Just as he does with her.

17 – Chicago PD 4×02: Lindsay and Halstead saying I love you

When you have fought so hard to be together and gone through so much… these two finding their way to each other… we cried. And we may have said, “Love you both” as he said, “Love you too.”

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