Torrid Launches A Once Upon A Time Collection

Oh Torrid – I just gave you all my money for your Outlander collection and now you want more? Take it – take all my money because I want Emma Swan’s jacket and I definitely want all the t-shirts. There is just so much goodness with Torrid’s, Once Upon A Time Collection.


Torrid teamed up with ABC for this collection. We’re thinking that they want us never to grow up and we’re okay with that.

“We can’t wait to share the magical world of Once Upon a Time with our customers,” says Kate Horton, SVP, General Merchandising Manager at Torrid. “There’s something irresistible about the show’s fairytale characters, whose stories and costumes inspired this collection.Now fans can dress up like Emma Swan, Snow White, Hook or the Evil Queen.”

We’re loving the options!

See Torrid’s complete Once Upon A Time collection HERE.

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