18 Bookstagram Accounts to Grow Your TBR Pile

Bookstagram is a dangerous way of discovering new books. Talented photographers take photos of books in a variety of compositions that make us love and lust after titles we may never have heard of before.

Here are some inspiring bookstagram accounts to help you grow your TBR pile.

1. @therusticreader 

When you look at the feed it may feel like you’ve stepped into the library of a country cottage.  From beautiful evergreen and branches to beautiful candles, @therusticreader‘s account is warm and inviting.

2.  @taylorreads 


Who says you need a theme to have a beautiful bookstagram account. Not only are the books that @taylorreads features beautiful but she features them in a variety of locations from the beach to a field of flowers. Plus, how can you not love her purple hair?

3. @deertales

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8/12/16 ? good morning book friends! ? I just want to start by saying : wow! y'all really love HP! I was not expecting that many responses after posting my giveaway but holy shit. ? I keep my comment notifications turned on so I don't miss anyone that comments of my pics and… well…. let's just say i almost turned them off yesterday ? _______________________________________________________ anyways fave color combo for #augustrosereads AND fave villain for #bookboyfriendaug! I love ?blues and whites, and really, any pale colors. what are those called? ? OH YEAH PASTELS SYD GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME. ? and a little less mainstream but I loved… loved the octopus as a villain in #lilyandtheoctopus. ? _______________________________________________________ spoilers for lily and the octopus turn away now if you haven't read it!!! ? ? I'm unsure if the octopus was just a tumor or if it was cancer, but for those of you that don't know .. three years ago my neck and chest were littered with tumors. I hated them, I thought they were evil and they spoke to me. just like Lily's octopus. so this guy really is the ultimate villain. ?

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This account features a variety of books in a number of different compositions against a white background. The books are outfitted with numerous accessories including beautiful socks, Funko figurines, stuffed animals, and delicious baked goods.

4. @bookstellar

Color nerds unite! This account features beautiful color coordinated shots of book covers. After a glance at this account, you will definitely be noticing color tendencies on your bookshelf.

5. @CaseyRoseReads

“Beautiful set dressings” are some of the words we would use to describe @caseyrosereads. Whether she dresses up her post with a croissant and jam or a beautiful necklace, her feed is beautiful to look at.

6. @booknerd_reads

A beautiful pastel paradise, @booknerd_reads features bookshelves, book stacks, and beautifully arranged reading nooks that are sure to spark your reading lust.

7. @acciobooksncoffee 


Themed post and a gritty theme make @acciobooksncoffee an account to watch. Harry Potter fans can expect an appearance by many of their favorite characters in the form of Funko figures alongside newer releases and classics such as Alice in Wonderland.

8. @thebooksatchel 


Books pop against a white background at @thebooksatchel! If we’re honest, the only danger with this account is that your might find yourself wanting to put the kettle on for a cup of tea.

9. @readsbyhanna


Turning the bookstagram trend of featuring covers on its head, @readsbyhanna prefers to feature title and cover pages. We love the light gray color palette with subtle pops of cooler colors. Yes, it’s very easy on the eyes.

10. @jenniferwindram

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As mentioned previously I seem to be somewhat of a romance party pooper. Perhaps my heart is two sizes too small, or maybe I've lost that loving feeling ?. But no matter the reason, up until now I've claimed to really only have one book boyfriend: Gansey. • And then it dawned on me. I have another book boyfriend!!!! And he resides in a book that is absolutely, positively, 100% devoid of romance. Because that's obviously how I roll. • So I present to you, Mark Watney? my other book boyfriend. And here's why I think he's so awesome (potential spoilers ahead, maybe, I don't know ?): • -He doesn't let the little things like no atmosphere or starvation or certain death get him down. So I'm thinking the checkout line at Walmart will be a piece of cake ?. -You would never go hungry. As long as you're down with potatoes (gah no potato emoji). -He tells time in sols which is way more interesting than using plain old days?. -You thought Macgyver was handy. Mark will find a way to make everything you own run on solar power, including the cats???, all while dancing to Hot Stuff and figuring out how long that case of toothpaste from Costco will last?. -Not to be superficial or anything, but he looks pretty dang good in that space suit. Movie Mark, that is ?. -And we can't forget that HE IS the best botanist on the planet. So you'd have major bragging rights with everyone you know. And your garden would be fantastic ?????. • So here's to Mark, my other book boyfriend. And if you haven't read The Martian, what are you waiting for??? • Does anyone else have an unlikely book boyfriend that comes from a book completely devoid of romance? And no you can't say Mark because he's mine ?. #book #books #bookish #bookworm #bibliophile #bookstagram #booknerd #readersofinstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #booksofinstagram #igbooks #bookphotography #booklover #flatlay #bookflatlay #typewriter #themartian #scifibooks

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Talk about home library goals. When you take a look at @jenniferwindram‘s feed will have you asking “how does she do it?” From themed posts to color coordinated compositions and crave-worthy foods this account is definitely one to watch.

11. @cosyreads 

When you take a look at @cosyreads feed and you’ll find a series of bright photos where books are featured alongside flowers. Occasionally, you may also see the occasional shelfie.

12. @books_never_cheat

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(12.8.16) Some of the books that got Lavina to love Contemporaries so much that she is bursting with colours?: ❇13 reasons why: this book caused such a havoc inside me, particularly bc it mostly revolves around bullying and the 13 reasons why Hanna Baker ended her life. And its one of the most clever written books I've read, the whole process of knowing the reasons from tapes and maps was so intimidating, interesting and heartbreaking. ❇Eleanor and Park: Meet the book which ruined my classmates and made them run into me with devil eyes?. I loved this book so much, the whole process of Park and Eleanor meeting, the mysteries of their thinking and how reality is such a shit. Its like, such an innocent book but the ending leaves you so warm and hurt. + the author's note which kills you more?. ❇Looking for Alaska: This book left me thinking so, so much. The concept of "The labyrinth of suffering" in this book is one of the most thoughtful and beautiful things I've read. its like such a normal story, but then it all becomes so big on the emotions that it leaves you so raw. ❇All the bright places: If you've been following me from centuries ago, (thank you?) you'l probably know this is my most fav and closest book. Its is too beautiful to give a description of few lines here. Just read this piece of pure beauty?. ❇Ari & Dante: I read this last month and its by far one of the most beautiful books I've read. The characters in this book are so precious and so complex, yet relatable and its just gets you so in love with the whole plot and particularly, these two boys. ❇I'll give you the sun: This is another piece of beauty too complex to explain. reAD IT. I've got so many more but for now, lets cry over these beautiful creations too lovely for humanity?, ok? What are some of your favs?? . . . #thirteenreasonswhy #allthebrightplaces #aristotleanddantediscoverthesecretsoftheuniverse #eleanorandpark #illgiveyouthesun #lookingforalaska #bookstagramfeature #igreads #photooftheday #book #books #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookstagrammer #instabook #instaread #vscobooks #vscocam #read #yalit #yabook #fav #recommendation #contemporary #booksnevercheatsblog

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If gray is an “in” color than @books_never_cheat is right on the money. You’ll lust after the neutral backgrounds with a pop of color make up this feed and we love the look.

13. @lottelikesbooks

With beautiful photos of bookstores and lovely diffused photos of book sets and stacks, @lottelikesbooks is a beautiful account to inspire your love of reading.

14. @alyaofwinterfell 

If you like crisp, clean photos of books you will love the style of @alyaofwinterfell‘s feed. Among her photos, you’ll find a mix of color-coordinated close-ups and beautiful bookshelf shots.

15. @bokhjerte 

Want to win at bookstagram? Then take a look at @bokhjerte! How could you not follow a bookstagram with a cute dog, a soothing blue color palette, and such beautiful settings?

16. @fictionandfae

Another breezy and white color palette, @fictionandfae is easy to look at with beautiful compositions. As a bonus for cat lovers, sometimes you may see Oscar, her judgemental cat.

17. @ineffablepages 


Twinkle lights and Funko pops are everywhere in @ineffablepages‘ bookstagram account. You’ll surely love this dreamy set up has us want to curl up and read.

18. @Urs_Uriarte

*****GIVEAWAY CLOSED WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW MAY 17********** Giveaway time! ?Good afternoon guys! I've been wanting to do this giveaway for a few weeks already but with all my Pearl Jam touring I haven't been able to ? As many if not all of you know Me Before You will be hitting theaters at the beginning of June, sadly I will have to wait a few weeks before I get to see it because Ill be in bed recovering from major surgery ? For those of you who may want to read the book before the movie comes out but don't own a copy I have 2 copies up for grabs! Giveaway rules: • – Must be following me and @penguinbooks • – Like this post• – tag a friend in the comments – *Giveaway is international *Not sponsored by Instagram *No Giveaway accounts *Ends May 15th – #MeBeforeYou #JoJoMoyes #PenguinBooks #sp #Giveaway #SockSunday #teavana

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A mixture of dark and light photographs make up @ursula_uriarte feed – but she touches every genre. You’ll love the beautiful mixture of photos that will prepare you for anything – from kids to YA to adult. It’s a feed you can’t miss.

Have a favorite bookstagram that you like to go to for inspiration? Share it in the comments below! 

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