‘The Arrangement’ 1×09: People Are Just Shitty


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I remember the first time that someone told me that when you looked behind Hollywood’s veil, you wouldn’t like what you saw. It’s true – once you look behind the scenes, it is really scary. What you thought was – the illusions that Hollywood gave you – were so much more pleasant than the reality.

Maybe that’s why we love The Arrangement. What does a TV show have to do with that feeling, you ask? That’s simple. There is some really fucked up shit that goes on and we’re aware that it’s a reality. It’s not a joke. It’s crazy in this world – unknown one second, too well known the next.

On last nights The Arrangement, the reality of her new life got a little too real for Megan. The synopsis, “Megan begins a new TV gig with her childhood idol, and Kyle and DeAnn clash over Kyle’s next project. Meanwhile, Terence makes Shaun an intriguing offer” doesn’t give away much, but that’s why we’re here to break it down for you.


Okay, so we’re all aware that Terrance and Kyle aren’t speaking. We’d love to say we’re shocked, but the truth is, we’re not. After all, in order to save his own ass, Terrance bartered Kyle’s penis. You may remember how in order to save his own ass and the institute, Terrance traded sex with Kyle to a police officer.

I mean I hate to say it (not really), but I totally agree with Kyle.

DeAnn is asking Terrance what happened. She’s concerned that the person who is now over at Kyle’s house, installing a new security system, the institute doesn’t have a handle on. But Terrance won’t tell her what happened. What happened between him and Kyle needs to stay between the two of them. And hey, I get that. I do. But here’s the thing – I think Terrance is delusional if he thinks that Kyle is going to come back.

DeAnn tries to explain where she is coming from and wonders without Kyle, what do they really have? Will they be able to find their way back to each other? Personally, I am not sure. I would like to say they would – but they are both two secretive assholes looking for a bigger piece of power. I don’t trust either.

Yet, as much as I hate Terrance, I kinda think DeAnn may be more insane.


Ok, remember how in episode one we knew that DeAnn hired Annika to split up Megan and her boyfriend? We still haven’t figured out what the long game is with that, what she really wanted with Megan. But hey, everything in Hollywood comes out eventually.

So, DeAnn didn’t get the answers that she wanted from Terrance, so she moves forward and goes to see Kyle. She has to let him know that they have lost the rights to the project that Kyle wanted to direct. You know, the one that he signed off on firing Megan from the movie he’s on for? She shaded it to make it seem like it was the head of the studios fault, but well – that’s some bullshit. You know how a few episodes back – she skipped a meeting, well that’s the one that caused Kyle to loose the rights.

So DeAnn is really into Annika’s script and tells Kyle that he should read it. That it’s the way to go. She’s selling him on the fact that it’s a script that they will get to make independently, but Kyle isn’t hearing it. He’s tired of people trying to take advantage of him. So DeAnn does what she does best, she gets all shady and goes behind his back to Megan.

Megan listens as DeAnn says that it’s got a great role for her, but Megan tells her she doesn’t want to get involved in whatever is going on between them and Kyle. Yet, after a fall out on the set that she is on – and Megan learning that you really never want to meet your childhood idols, she reads the script.

She loves it.

So she heads back to Kyles and tells him that it’s amazing. She wants him to read it. He’s so head over heels, he agrees.

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Kyle’s got a stalker. Last episode, his place was trashed and so he’s a little scared. He’s got this new security system going in and after Megan tells him she doesn’t want interior cameras (which who can blame her, that’s a sex tape waiting to happen), the security person talks Kyle into a gun.

He of course doesn’t tell Megan about it.

He is trying to be supportive and goes to visit Megan on set. It’s there, at the worst time, he asks her to move in. She’s a little turned off, because again – not her best day. The thing I love about Megan is that she’s not afraid to tell him that.

She’s okay telling him that.

But later that night she shows up with two bags and tells him that she’ll move in, as long as he’s not just asking her to because he’s scared. He assures her that isn’t it. He’s ready. She says good because she’s got the girls coming over the next night to pack up her place.

Now of course he doesn’t want her doing packing at night, but Megan assures him that she’ll be okay.


Packing party!

I guess I am the only one that would rather just give my friends cash for a mover than pack their shit. #Lazy. But I will admit that there is nothing better than time with the girls. So Shawn and Hope come over and we can see that Hope is getting the icy shoulder.

Look, I will freely admit that I don’t like Hope. She leaked her friends nudes and there is no coming back from that. She’s not supportive, she puts Megan down all the time by putting the people around her down all the time. She’s just an all around shitty person. Well, she’s badgering on Terrance and Shawn becomes irritated. She admits to the girls that she’s been going to classes at the institute, and that she’ll be helping Terrance out with some legal stuff.

Oh, I forgot to add earlier that Terrance offered Shawn a job helping to work on the legal stuff so that he can launch a children’s program. Now, I don’t think that it’s a paying job, more of a lets keep her in our claws thing.

Hope and Megan are a little freaked that she didn’t tell and then Hope pushes her to far as she can so Shawn bites back. She tells Megan that Hope leaked the nudes.

Now my hat goes off to Megan, cause I would have kicked the crap out of Hope. But Megan lays it out, she can’t have her in her life anymore. Hope tries to tell her that it came from a place of love, but let us all be honest here – it didn’t. It came from a place of petty jealousy. I stood up and clapped when Megan kicked hope out.

Megan then heads back to Kyle’s. I guess it’s true, you head to the person that you love the most when you need some comfort.


  • Kyle gives back the gun, because when Megan comes home, she screws up with the alarm and sets it off. He had a gun pointed at her and he hates that.
  • The stalker put a camera in Kyle’s living room and bedroom.
  • The episode ends with a distant look at the stalker, and my money is bet on the fact that it is the police office Kyle slept with.

The Arrangement airs Sunday’s on E!.

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