The 1D Hiatus According to the Selfies of Niall Horan


When One Direction decided to take their hiatus, you could almost hear the collective fangirl heart break. Announcing that they would take an eighteen month break, their return unknown and uncertain, questions swirled through social media and among anyone who followed them in any way.

What would they do? Would any of them go solo? Where would they go?

What we were going to do without them?

Even with the break, each were still visible and photos appeared on social media with surprising regularly despite the fact that they were living a somewhat chill and normal lifestyle for the time being. But for the Niall girls in the fandom, his abrupt and complete drop off the face of the earth had us all playing a virtual game of Where’s Waldo.

For weeks, there was no sign of the Horan. Hide nor dyed blonde hair was seen, with the occasional rumor popping up, but nothing of any real evidence on his whereabouts. He seemed to be the one taking this little break the most literal, jaunting off on a much needed vacation.

And then, the selfies started.

As the well known selfie king of the group, we shouldn’t have been surprised that it was how Niall let us know how his break was going. And once he started, he kept it up, leaving us breathing sighs of relief, when we were able to breathe at all thanks to those baby blue eyes.

So, in paying homage to el Horan, the epitome of the ‘selfie king’, and now, ‘hiatus king’, let’s take a look at the fruits of his labor.

We’re going to start off with the selfie that outdid all selfies. The first proof that our little Niall hadnt actually fallen off the worlds end, he destroyed the collective fangirl soul with his eyes, his beach hair, and his sexy sunburn while vacationing in Thailand.


2016-03-27 19.56.17


It wasn’t long after this first reemergence of the Irish one that he followed it up with a photo that any Niall girl would come to expect. A day on the golf course is a Horan staple, and it would seem despite the cold weather, he couldn’t resist the urge to hit the links.


2016-03-27 19.57.03


As St Patrick’s Day approached, we knew as a collective fandom we could expect a post from the Irish member of our fav band. And, of course, he didn’t disappoint. Having a good ol’ craic with friends and a pint of Guinness, Niall gave us a glimpse in to how he spent the Irish of all days.


2016-03-27 19.57.42


Now, you would think that our journey would end here, since there has been the occasional pic, but nothing to qualify as a selfie taken in a short while. But, the Gods smiled down on us, and Niall got himself a snapchat! And…he made it public. You could probably hear every Niall girl for miles squeal with excitement (I was one of them) when the news broke that we could follow him on more than just Twitter and Instagram.

Now, my original article featured the beautiful snaps of the Nialler, but since apparently that is copyright infringement and we here at Fangirlish don’t fancy getting sued, I had to cut it short with just his Instagram.

Such a shame, because the Snaps were quite lovely to behold. But, Im sure most of you follow him and have seen, whimpered, and fainted, so maybe I am saving you from the emotional torture…

I have no doubt that Niall will keep us up to date on his hiatus shenanigans with frequent selfies, Twitter craics and now…the beauty that is Snap Chat Niall. I know I will be watching with baited breath!

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