1D Reunion on the Horizon?

With this seemingly never ending hiatus still stretching out before us like a vast ocean void of hair flips, skinny jeans, and the sexy voices of our fav four, One Direction fans were contending with the endless rumors and possibility that the lads would not be returning when this ‘break’ ended. Hints from Simon Cowell, countless media and more have been daunting our hopes, despite the reassurances from the boys themselves.


Of course, they seem to be having a grand time on this break, Liam working on solo work, Niall starting up a golf management company, Harry working on a major Hollywood film, and Louis enjoying daddy-hood. And good on them, because after five years of endless touring, recording albums in hotel rooms until the wee hours of the mornings, and screaming fans causing them to fear losing their hearing, everyone would need a break.


Well, a glimmer of hope that the ‘break’ isn’t a ‘break up’ has been provided! Hallelujah!


Or…kind of.


In a recent interview with E! News, Cowell’s response when asked about a 1D reunion was “Eventually, I think, yeah.” Umm…this is a little cryptic, but certainly more positive than his previous “I don’t know” which set the fandom a tizzy. Although we would rather hear “Yes, definitely, and the first show will be in the hometown of 1D superfan *insert your name here* with backstage passes and meet and greets”, I suppose we need to take what we can get nowadays.


So its not a hell yes, but it isn’t an *scoff* no.


Better than a kick in the pants, so I will take it!

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