1D trash talk: Tomlinson and Horan face off


Anyone in the 1D fandom knows that Louis Tomlinson is pure sass. Earning himself the moniker ‘sass master from Doncaster’, he is well known for his running commentary that leaves us in stitches, or slays any who dare to challenge him.

Well, when the challenge comes from pal and band mate Niall Horan, another 1D member known for being rather hilarious, the results are pure gold.

Niall made it known recently that he will be taking part in Soccer Aid, a game that will have professional soccer players join ranks with celebs from TV, film and music for charity. June 5, it all comes to a head. Nialler will be acting as assistant manager to the Rest of the World team, while Tommo has now joined in to be on the pitch on the opposing England squad.

As if the idea of these two facing off for charity wasn’t enough, they took to twitter to do a little pre-game trash talk that left us cackling rather embarrassingly.

Niall started it off by announcing his participation:


NH: Absolutely delighted to say that I’ll be joining mr . Ranieris management team for ‪@socceraid . Really is going to be a week to remember.


After Sandy Beales, 1D bassist extraordinaire brought Tommo in to the mix, of course Louis jumped it:


SB: yeah man, bet Berbatov + Davids are still beasts! Didn’t realise ‪@Louis_Tomlinson was on the other side, rivals!


LT: well you boys better get to know! Get my eye on you Nialler


NH: Tommo , I now work for a premier league winning manager , don’t have time for this trash talk


LT: serious question here young Nialler .. Now I now your gammy knee meant your playing career was shorter than most / but where’s the coaching vibe come from ? I assume you’ve got all your badges !?


NH: when I retired from playing because of my knee . I went and did my uefa A badges in Dublin


Of course, the sass came out leaving us all saying ‘Oh no he didnt’….


LT: they don’t give that kind of qualification in Dublin  /  p.s love the text update every time you tweet me. Cute


If this is the kind of banter they exchange over Twitter, I for one cant wait to see what happens on the pitch! Tickets for the event are on sale now, so please check out Soccer Aid here.

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