2 for 1 Friday Review: Marissa Meyer

Oy it’s Spring Break here where I live but am I slacking?! No… never! Okay, so this review is a little late in coming… later than usual for me, but hey… Spring Break. However, Friday is here and with it comes the best of the best kind of reviews. The review that’s a two for one package. And let me tell you today’s two books are AWESOME!

You’ve probably seen the covers around everywhere for the third in the series — Cress — but the Lunar Chronicles book one and two will hook you up to a space odyssey that’s a little bit crazy, mixing up fairytale lore with cyborg technology, a plague and aliens from the Moon. Anything and everything you think you know about Disneyfied princesses (Cinderella) and ordinary girl heroes (Little Red Riding Hood) will be turned on their tiaras with these books.

Cinder, the first in the series starts things off with a bang. Prince meets cyborg who is a nobody except for being the best damn mechanic in the empire and their meeting accidentally sets of an interplanetary incident that no cinderone could’ve have expected… well except you know those of us who know that Cinderella ends up at the ball and making a very hasty escape from it before the prince finds her and they get happily ever after-ed, leaving us all to imagine what life must be for them after the wedding.

This story isn’t going down like the typical girl runs away, boy runs after her though… Trust me.

And Cinder might not know it, but her love of family, loyalty to android and humans alike and a blossoming crush on the Prince-now-Emperor Kai is going to add a whole new pathos to her identity crises. She struggles already with is she more human or machine before learning the details of her birth, her existence, the whys of why she is a cyborg and while those answers come as she escapes prison, finds new allies and faces the hard truths of who she must become… in Scarlet, the second book of the Lunar Chronicles… Cinder meets another girl, Scarlet… who like her has been kept in the dark all her life but now has to make hard decisions about what path to take and it forces Cinder to finally come to grips with everything.

And rebelling against Queen Lavana won’t be easy given she has an army of Lunar/Wolf hybrids.scarlet

But finally, there’s a plan and one that the readers feel has been a long time coming. The entirety of two books in fact, but the build up and world-building have been splendid. Meyer does not skimp on character development of any of her main leads even as she spins a tightly-wound plot with lots of threads that come together, not ambiguously, but like a puzzle. Where the audience is given a screenshot of all the pieces, the visual big picture but fitting them together isn’t as fun as letting Meyer tell the story. She hands you the pieces and lets you put them into place and with each connecting piece of the story, you’re entranced with how easily she makes it for you to follow and yet, you don’t want the story to end.

These books are lovely, and chock-full of individual stories just begging to be explored but then there are places we haven’t even discovered yet — only given glimpses of — and know eventually she’ll take us to those places too if we’re patient. Full of easter eggs, these two books should delight Sailor Moon fans or so I am told (sadly, I’m not expertise of that fandom). I do believe, any Star Wars fans, especially of 4, 5, and 6 will find things to squee about though. And if any YA book franchise should be optioned for film right now… it’s these. Seriously the Lunar Chronicles is a fantastic series that deserves all the attention it is receiving.

My apologies to everyone who read this review and said, “But where are the details? The summary?” I will not even share these for fear of spoilers. Of course, you should check out Marissa Meyer‘s site for yourself and the fan sites and such but most importantly… you SHOULD BE GETTING THESE BOOKS TO READ NOW.

It’s been a long time since I’ve raced through reading a book, not willing to put it down for anything. I read Cinder and Scarlet in six hours and am off to buy Cress as soon as I close out this blog post. They’re that good, people.


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