20 Questions: ‘The Resident’ Style – A Midseason Review

It’s winter hiatus time. That means going weeks without a new episode, or news about the shows you love. We all live in this funk for a few weeks that I’ve previously dubbed “The Midseason Slump”. Well, while the slump is going strong, there are ways to combat it. The most popular is rewatching your favorite episodes of whatever show(s) you currently follow.

However, for my fellow The Resident fans, I have a treat. The purpose of this article is to talk about the highlights of the season up to this point and about which questions were answered, and which ones weren’t. Also, any new questions or predictions I have for the second half of season 2. It’s something fun to keep your interest peaked until January 14th, when The Resident returns for its much anticipated 2nd half.

Questions Asked and Answered

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Over the course of the season, I have had many questions about the direction the show is going. Every episode just brings me more of them. The writers wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t make their viewers continue to ask questions. The Resident writers continue to impress with this aspect of how they write and handle the show. I’ve been very impressed with this show, and with few exceptions – I explicitly trust these writers to continue with how things are going. I’m excited to see where the season is going.

Now, for those questions. This section is to cover the questions asked that got answers already this season.

  1. In the season premiere, “00:42:30”, Bell asks Dr. Nolan if Conrad or he made the first cut on the little boy admitted to the ER against Bell’s wishes during the blackout. Well, in “About Time”, which is THREE episodes later, we FINALLY get the answer to this question. We learn that Nolan covered for Conrad and explicitly warns him that he won’t do it for him again. The answer to this question was way too slow for me, as the event was the season premiere’s cliffhanger.
  2. When Marshall was added to Chastain’s board as chairman, I figured there would be issues between Bell and him. Whether it be because of Bell feeling like he’s being watched constantly – which he should be – or because Marshall is Conrad’s father – I didn’t know. It seems the answer is both. In “Three Words”, Marshall and Bell’s dynamic is put to the test and Marshall ends up winning the struggle. Bell is frustrated. There’s not much more through the next episodes as the show switched its focus to other plots, but I’m definitely still interested in seeing more on the power struggle between Bell and Marshall, that is IF Marshall survives surgery with Bell at the helm. That cliffhanger from “The Dance” was a doozy!
  3. When they introduced Julian in “The Prince And The Pauper”, she seemed innocent enough, but by the time “About Time” aired – it was not so innocent anymore. She offers to help Devon on his wedding dance and by “Trial And Error”, Devon and Julian’s closeness leads them to kiss in a moment of panic. Something they both try to overcome for the sake of Devon’s relationship with Priya, but alas by the end of the “The Dance” – we have a broken engagement and Devon is off to do some soul searching. For a while, I wanted Julian gone – but they managed to give her a plot line that actually gives her substance. While I hated the whole Priya, Devon, Julian love triangle – and I’m so glad to see it OVER – I will now NEVER talk of it again.
  4. When Mina was reassigned by Bell in “About Time”, I wondered how AJ was going to handle it. Eventually, Kitt and AJ came up with a deal to handle the situation and share Mina, which she agreed with. The answer is – AJ didn’t handle it well at all.

With only NINE episodes, aired out of the 22-episode season, I didn’t expect many of my questions to really get answered. A lot happened in those episodes, but of the questions I’ve asked – only FOUR have been answered so far. Let’s see where it goes from here.

The Questions Not Answered and More Asked

Now, as you can probably tell, I have many more unanswered questions than I had answered ones. This section covers those, and along the way, I added questions that look forward to the rest of the season.

I seriously believe with all my heart, that despite my very few criticisms of this show, that The Resident had done something right if I am asking this many questions. After all, there are 13 episodes left to explore all these possibilities – I have to give it time. Time I can give, especially if it means giving the proper time for these plots to develop.

Let’s get going, shall we?

  1. I’ve always loved how The Resident handles its romantic relationships, especially in terms of Conic. It is the ship of dreams. I was worried they would pull the old “will they, won’t they” on Conic, but so far, they haven’t done this. Who’s to say that there aren’t rough patches for them ahead? Let’s face it, they’ve both got baggage that they NEED to address with the other. “Nightmares” made this brutally clear. There’s issues between Conrad and Nic, but it’s how they handle things together and pull through that matters. Knowing the troubles of their past, shown in “Three Words”, I’m looking forward to seeing how The Resident navigates Conic. Because as with any relationship, you can’t get the smooth waters without the storm. They go hand in hand. Where to from here? Will the issue of having kids come back up, since there was a line about it in “The Dance”?
  2. This season has shown the more unsavory side of Dr. Bell. His solicitation conviction in “The Prince And The Pauper” and his misogynistic ways shown in episodes like “Nightmares” and “The Germ” are what come to mind. To top off this, he’s making shady deals with the Quovadis CEO, Gordon Page, that I’m waiting to see it bite him in the ass. Also, he’s being blackmailed by Hunter, so she can get out of jail – and his lawyer is disgusted by the fact that Bell even slept with her – because as he notes in “The Dance” she’s about as popular as Hitler. Many questions on Bell’s plot remains. Will not self-reporting his solicitation conviction come back to haunt him? Will the show find a way to handle his misogyny in a modern way fit for the #MeToo movement? Where is this plot line with Hunter going? If Marshall survives surgery, will he confront Bell about his dealings with Page?
  3. Speaking of Marshall, will he make it out of surgery? We found out he has had Chron’s for 20 years, and now he’s fighting for his life. What will Conrad’s reaction be to Bell being the surgeon, especially after he and Marshall agreed that Bell was the last person they wanted to be Marshall’s surgeon? Where will this relationship go, if Marshall survives, now that the barriers between father and son are coming down after that revealing conversation in “The Dance”?
  4. The Quovadis deal – how will the revelation that they are committing fraud effect Chastain? How will it affect Bell?
  5. Will Julian survive her wreck? If she survives, where will her plot line go? What will Devon’s reaction to Julian’s experience be?
  6. Will more of Bell’s backstory be revealed this season? The snippet during “About Time” about why he became a doctor made us want to know more about him. Why he is the way he is. How did he get where he is? While my dislike for Bell has grown considerably over the course of season 2, and I do feel that revealing more snippets of his backstory would help humanize him, I’m not sure I want to see Bell humanized. There’s no redemption for what he’s helped bring about – so maybe staying the course on this is a better option. However, I am still wondering if they will go there.
  7. After Conrad was sued by a patient in “About Time”, I wondered if Conrad will rethink his tactics of going off protocol. Only time will tell, as Conrad is still the same guy. Will the events with his father change how he sees things?
  8. Will we see Julianna Guill return as Jessie in the next part of the season? I NEED more Nevin sister bonding!
  9. Malcolm-Jamal Warner has made a splash as AJ Austin, and I love him – despite his enlarged ego. We have many questions surrounding AJ. Will AJ ever find out his mentor, Dr. Benedict, was bribed by Quovadis to use their devices? The storyline with Micah, AJ, and Mina has me feeling déjà vu and I don’t like it. Away goes one love triangle – and another replaces it. Whoops. I did say I wouldn’t say anything else – sorry. Where will this love triangle go? AJ has already admitted he’s in love with Mina to Nic and is respecting the mentor/mentee boundaries. He never noted he was respecting that Mina has a boyfriend – and I’m irked. Did I note how much I hate love triangles? Well, now you know.
  10. Will we see more of the fierce, independent version of Mina from “About Time”? Will Mina ever open up again about her dark past in Nigeria?
  11. Now that we know Quovadis is committing fraud, will these devices begin to cause issues for the patients they’ve been inserted in, in the back half of the season? The patient I’m most interested in is Henry Barnett. How will the show handle this? Is Henry this season’s Lily? Please don’t let it be. I bawled when Lily died, I bawled when Henry’s brother, Jasper, died. Henry’s mom doesn’t deserve to lose both her children. Let him live, writers!
  12. What will Devon find in his soul searching?
  13. Will the free clinic ever come to full fruition for Nic and Mina?
  14. What will Jane Leeves’ character, Kitt Voss, be doing when the show returns? Will we ever meet her children or grandchildren? I just love her, and I’ve missed her in the past few episodes.
  15. Will Nic get more of her own plot line this season, or will she continue to be support for Conrad? For one of my favorite female characters, I’m sad Nic hasn’t got more of a plot this season.
  16. How will the events of “The Dance” change how the rest of season progresses? Can they keep the momentum they have going? Can they raise the bar?

So many questions, and with 13 episodes left this season, how will the writers answer them? My bet is not all of these questions will get answers, but I can only hope. My only hope is that I’m not left with a box of Kleenex around me when the season finishes. Writers, don’t fail me now! Also,with ratings as steady as the ones this show has been bringing in, many entertainment outlets are saying renewal is a sure thing. I can only hope season 3 is upon the horizon. I NEED this show around for years to come.

Stay tuned to Fangirlish for my reviews, and any news about the show.

The Resident will return from winter hiatus on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 8/7c on Fox.

Are there any questions you’d like to add? Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below!

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