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A Personal Message from Jemima West of The Mortal Instruments for the FANS

Thank you so much Jemima West! We can't wait to see you this Friday! var ord = window.ord || Math.floor(Math.random() * 1e16); document.write('');

FANSITE EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 of our Bill Condon interview from the Breaking Dawn pt. 2 edit room

Here's the final installment of our fansite interview with Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon during our visit to the edit room. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as enjoyed chatting w/ Bill!
Becca: So Stephenie takes a huge chunk of this book and puts it in Jacob’s perspective. Bill: Well, the last film, not this one so much. Becca: It is part one, ok. Bill: That was interesting in that, to go inside the wolves and everything, but here, its Bella. It’s all Bella. Kallie: One of the scenes we saw, no it was one of the stills that we saw, of it looked like it could be Renesmee communicating, The first thing that hit on twitter was ‘What do you guys think is going to happen, is it going to be like the wolves? Is it going to be different?’ Have you even, I am sure that you have approached it, but is that clear in your head how you want it to be seen? Bill: Yeah, and it’s not like the wolves. [Bill wipes forehead in relief and all laugh] Kallie: I wasn’t even sure I would get that, so I am happy. Awesome. Bill: It’s definitely own thing. You know that’s what’s fun, cause we do have, now you have this whole different power and this whole different way of communicating. And that means we get to play with a whole different visual approach. Nikki: How tuned into the fans and people’s critiques are you? I mean it seems with a series that is so popular, it would be film making by democracy maybe?...

FANSITE EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ Bill Condon from the edit room of Breaking Dawn Part 2

By: Elena Raines
We don't take any moment for granted, and are thankful for every moment that comes our way.  We'd like to thank Summit and Bill Condon for having us...
After seeing the same footage that fans saw roughly three weeks later at Comic Con, Bill Condon addressed a room filled with Twilight site operators. Bill: Do you want to talk first or then see another one or what should we do next? Jack Pan: Do you guys Do you want to see the second clip? (Laughter, Everyone starts shaking their head yes) Laura (Lex): Or you could just play the whole movie, we’d be down with the whole movie going, you know (everyone laughs) They then roll a second clip. Bill Condon comments on so of the CGI still being in the rough stages. We saw the wrestling scene between Bella and Emmett. In it they rest their arms on what is supposed to be a large rock which looked a lot more like foam because it was still in process. In our viewing Kristen also tackled what looked like a carton cougar. Bill: There you go, probably days from our goal. That rock is going to look like a rock on the inside. (everyone laughs)… Yeah, so you are seeing all the flaws. Jack Pan: So do you guys, maybe quickly just want to run down your sites and we can start the Q&A? (Everyone agrees, some say sure) Kaleb: I’m Kaleb Nation, I’m from Heidi: I’m Heidi, from Twilight Facebook Lee: Lee from Twilight Moms Kimmy: I’m Kimmy from Michelle: I’m Michelle from Laura: Laura from Twilight Lexicon Kallie: Kallie from Sheila: Sheila from Elena: Elena from Twilightish Becca: Nikki and Becca from Letters to Twilight Erin: Erin from Twilightish Andrew: Andrew from Twilight Source Bill: (Hand Gestures to Jack Morrissey) Jack from Team Jack Jack: (Looks at Bill) Team Bill Condon Bill: (Looks at people sitting to his left) Ian Slater, Ginny Katz. We edited the movie together. (Looks at back of the room) And Greg Yolan… in charge of everything else Jack M: Greg Yolan from Team Jack Greg (waves): I’m Greg Jack Pan: So who wants to start? (No one says anything)… They were all so blown away. Jack: I couldn’t follow it (Everyone laughs again) Laura (Lexicon): I don’t know, I guess I’ll dive in. The trailer came out today and I think we all probably played that like 3 million times, not that there is anything wrong with that. And one of the things I really liked is you saw glimpses of alternative points of view… Laura (Lexicon): Can you talk a little bit about how did you those; maybe that’s a collaboration between you, Melissa Rosenberg, and Stephenie Meyer, to decide which are the alternative points of view, and how much fun was that to film something that is not in the book, other than saying we traveled some place and came back. Like how much fun was that, to go to that space? Bill: Ya, I know, exactly like, for example; The Denali’s right? In the book they come, and it just felt like, to get our lead characters on the road together, in 3 different areas, was like an important thing just for the scope of the movie. I think you’ll see. You get a glimpse of it from the size of the main title. With this movie, it’s all about scope in a weird way, and it’s all about like, canvasing the world for all these vampires. So, that actually was, in very early days we made that decision to do that, It’s a challenge because, we introduce, I think it’s 23 new vampires, right? And, we do it in the second act, and by the 3rd act they’re on the battlefield and you have to get to know them very quickly. Actually it was great fun for the actors. Cause they all realized that they only had a moment or two, where they had to land what it was that they did. So it was part of what drew me to it. That it is a completely new part of Twilight that is getting introduced in this movie....