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New Face Fridays: Meet Guri Weinberg (we’re aware it’s Monday)

Well we suck, cause we were in Canada in Friday, and didn't post this. But if you missed it, here you go... Twilight's New Face Friday with Guri Weinberg.   Question: What did you think of your costume and your makeup the very first time you saw yourself fully decked out as your character? Guri: Well I loved it. I mean it was a little freaky but I loved it. It was exactly what Michael, who is the head wardrobe guy wanted when we first met and we put on the wardrobe. The eyes ...

A Personal Message from Jemima West of The Mortal Instruments for the FANS

Thank you so much Jemima West! We can't wait to see you this Friday!

FANSITE EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 of our Bill Condon interview from the Breaking Dawn pt. 2 edit room

Here's the final installment of our fansite interview with Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon during our visit to the edit room. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as enjoyed chatting w/ Bill!
Becca: So Stephenie takes a huge chunk of this book and puts it in Jacob’s perspective. Bill: Well, the last film, not this one so much. Becca: It is part one, ok. Bill: That was interesting in that, to go inside the wolves and everything, but here, its Bella. It’s all Bella. Kallie: One of the scenes we saw, no it was one of the stills that we saw, of it looked like it could be Renesmee communicating, The first thing that hit on twitter was ‘What do you guys think is going to happen, is it going to be like the wolves? Is it going to be different?’ Have you even, I am sure that you have approached it, but is that clear in your head how you want it to be seen? Bill: Yeah, and it’s not like the wolves. [Bill wipes forehead in relief and all laugh] Kallie: I wasn’t even sure I would get that, so I am happy. Awesome. Bill: It’s definitely own thing. You know that’s what’s fun, cause we do have, now you have this whole different power and this whole different way of communicating. And that means we get to play with a whole different visual approach. Nikki: How tuned into the fans and people’s critiques are you? I mean it seems with a series that is so popular, it would be film making by democracy maybe?...