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Emmy Rossum Sits Down To Talk Beautiful Creatures w/ Us at NYCC

Question: So, I have to ask you a fan question that I am kind of embarrassed to ask. Emmy: What was it like kissing Jake Gyllenhal? Question: No. But it is about kissing. In the featurette you see you kissing Alden. We’re assuming, because we don’t know if you kiss Thomas. Emmy: A lot Question: Ok, so which one is the better kisser. Emmy: Well see Alden doesn’t really kiss me back, he’s under a spell, I kiss him. So I don’t really know. Thomas is a great kisser. We were doing a scene very late at night, and I was wearing all this red lipstick, and you know what happens when you kiss with red lipstick. No matter what they say – It’s a stain – no, it’s not a stain. It’s all over the other persons face. We did take after take after take and Richard would be like “Go further with him” to the point where we felt like were kissing each others faces off.  Thomas would have red lipstick literally on the top of his nose. It was a vicious make out scene. Question: So Casters have unique powers. You are the siren, Lena has super powers. If you could chose any Caster power, which one would you chose? Emmy: I think Lena’s power, which is over all the elements. I think that’s so cool....

Beautiful Creatures Director Richard LaGravenese Gives Us the Inside Scoop on the Movie

We had the chance to talk to Richard LaGravenese at New York Comic Con. The director gave a no nonsense interview, and we were so appreciative of his bluntness. Richard is a first class director, one we are completely appreciative of, and have the utmost faith that he's done amazing at bringing our favorite world to life....


The biggest question that we have gotten so far, on twitter and all social media, is who is playing Marion? And now that you have said it in the press conference we are allowed to tell people that Amma and Marion have been combined. Amma is such a personal character to the fan base, are you prepared for the backlash? Do you think that will be an issue once the movie comes out?

Richard: I don’t know. I am prepared for it. I personally didn’t want to see another black actress play a housekeeper. In my first drafts, where I did haveMarion, and I did haveMarionin the first drafts. Even then I elevated her (Amma). I changed the way she dressed and how she spoke because I wanted to see. First of all I wanted a great actress to play her. Then I thought it would be even more interesting… you know the book is very thick. There is a lot of exposition. Reading a book is a different experience then seeing a film. And to cram all that in was just impossible. But to get a great actress to play Amma, I felt making her the head of the Caster Library was a really good idea. We got Viola Davis, so yes, I am prepared for backlash. If they are upset about it, tough.

It’s true though, because when we were on set and talking to Viola about it and playing a housekeeper…

Richard: She would have no interest in it.

That’s exactly what she said.

And I didn’t want that for her. It’s time to stop using clichés. Look, there is enough danger in this genre of falling into clichés and derivations of other things that you have seen before. So anything I could do to make it fresh was worth the risk. I am still sticking with the spirit of the book. Look, my focus is always emotion, I want to feel something. I don’t care about the little tiny details that may or may not be in there, that are little hooks. To me, I want you to have an emotional experience with this, and the only way to do that was to make the characters real and grounded. You are invested in them.

There is an emotional connection with the characters, and that does come across. I am interested to know in the library, is there going to be a lot of CGI?

No, not a lot. I wanted to keep it very sound and a lot of those figures that are in the columns will gently come to life. I wanted you to get a sense of their energy. There are spirits there, kind of Caster spirits there. But not a lot of CGI. The dark and the light will be going in and out of it. I didn’t want to take away too much from character....

It’s Official Shailene Woodley is Tris in DIVERGENT

I have been staring at the Press Release for Shailene Woodley being cast as Tris for about an hour, wondering what I thought. DIVERGENT is such an amazing book, never mind all of the awards, since it was released in May of 2011 by Katherine Tegen Books. I admit, I had never thought of Shailene Woodley as Tris, but I am on board with this. If I just looked at her from Secret Life of the American Teenager, I wouldn’t think bad ass. But she pretty much rocked THE DESCENDANTS. And I think ...

PHOTOS: Beautiful Creatures Cast at Comic Con

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