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Warm Bodies Premiere: Nobody does Undead Like We do (and our friends @thats_normal)

We haven't edited our videos, but our friends over at That's Normal have put together a great teaser reel, of what is to come. Ya, that's right, Dave Franco remembered me, Teresa Palmer recognized us, Nicholas Hoult asked us what he should tweet about, and well... it was an all around memorable time. We'll have more tomorrow, including some pretty amazing photos. SOURCE

INTERVIEW: #NicholasHoult Didn’t Wipe Urine on my Hand and other Sweet Treats

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I don’t like to brag, but I met Nicholas Hoult. Never mind the fact that he’s technically spoken for, and no I am not talking about by Jennifer Lawrence, I am talking about the DIBS that has been called by my friend Elena. However, according to the girls over at That’s Normal and the Geneva Convention on Man Dibbing (well sharing)… well I don’t have a chance. Hey, don’t look at me like I am crazy, a girl can dare to dream. This is what I have learned as a “reporter”, not a good thing to walk into the room and freely admit that you don’t know how to talk to this person. Here’s the thing, when I look at Nicholas Hoult, I don’t fawn all over him. But when you are around him, you fall in love with him. The boy is so soft spoken, so sweet, and well, his eyes will draw you in. My stupid phone erased the round table interview we had with him, but we learned that when he was a kid, he was in a band. An ‘ARTIC MONKEY’ cover band. Call me dumb, had no clue what that was, but looked that up, and well… all I can say at least it wasn’t ZZ Top....

EXCLUSIVE: Who is Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – @CoryHardrict or his wife?

Our internet's been down all day, and we have been getting asked where are the interviews from the cast of Warm Bodies. So, we were going to wait until tomorrow, but we decided to give you something special today. We have had the pleasure of meeting most of the cast of Warm Bodies, but the one we kept missing was Cory Hardrict. We followed him on Twitter and we figured hey, why not ask. Cory was so kind and gracious to answer questions about Warm Bodies. We had to say we laughed at some ...