2017 Had A Lot of Great Music and Here’s Some of Our Favorites

2017 has been an incredible year for music. From albums to songs to great comebacks, it will be a year that will always be remembered for the excellent amount of content released. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite songs of the year, and while it may be large, it’s worth going through. You’ll want to listen to every track because they are all just that good (and infectious).

So, go ahead, read on and let us know if we’ve got the list right and what some of your favorite songs of 2017 were. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Why We Love It: This song alone is why critics have chosen Dua Lipa as a One to Watch superstar. It’s a song that burns with confidence and is the perfect slice of summer pop perfection.


Why We Love It: “Issues” is a song that you haven’t heard on the radio since Julia Michaels brought something like it to life. There are so many songs out there but there are very little where you hear the narrator talk about both characters in the song having issues. It’s catchy but when you get to the core of its meaning, it’s one of the most relatable tracks of the year.


Why We Love It: There is not a country song this year that is better than “Blue Ain’t Your Color”. It’s bluesy, classy and without a doubt one of Urban’s best songs he’s ever released. We haven’t been able to stop listening to the song still to this day, which is saying a lot. Move over everyone, Keith Urban is here to stay.


Why We Love It: What’s not to love? This song is not only sassy but it’s empowering. What does it teach us? That it’s okay to stand up for yourself and the most painful times in life is what makes you stronger. Swift always has a way of making something relatable and this song is no different than the rest of the pack.


Why We Love It: Camila Cabello has been at the top of her game this year. Not only did she release two outstanding tracks before “Havana,” she’s also been topping the charts. Nothing has been able to stop her and we thin 2018 is her year to shine. “Havana” is catchy infectious pop that showcases just the beginning for the singer.


Why We Love It: There’s something about Kelsea Ballerini that not many other artists have. Even though she’s only released two albums, you can sense that Ballerini knows who she is as an artist and from this point forward, her only goal is to succeed at being the person she is. “Roses” is a perfect example of this. A track about heartbreak but realizing how good a relationship was is effortlessly relatable and a narrative that isn’t spoken about much in the music world. Confidence and sass are spoken for in “Roses” and Ballerini plays the part perfectly.


Why We Love It: Empowering, simple and yet, so beautiful. “Female” isn’t an ordinary track and there is no better person that could’ve released this song besides Keith Urban. No one plays the part better and no one would listen as closely if it were another artist. Urban has a way of drawing people in with his music and “Female” was one of the most defining moments of his career. Every female needs to hear it and ever male needs to memorize it. It’s simply that powerful.


Why We Love It: We’re sorry but all the other wedding songs can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because Ed Sheeran took their place. Yes, it’s true. “Perfect” is the best wedding song of the year, and one of the greatest love songs he’s ever written. Sparks fly when you listen to it and nothing beats a spark quite like this one.


Why We Love It: Selena Gomez is great at making good music and making it unique. “Bad Liar” makes for an incredible song that fits that playing field. Nothing is like it on the radio but yet it fits perfectly into the modernized mold of music these days. We would be lying if we said that we weren’t still listening months later. We can only hope Gomez releases more tracks like this.


Why We Love It: A perfect masterpiece that explains alienation in the most positive light. Lorde is literally dancing on her own to a ballad that confronts a newfound sense of being alienated by an ex-lover. It’s her most exposed piece of work yet but shows us her keen ability to come out stronger than ever before. She may call herself a liability and yet, she’s not even close to the definition. From the six seconds of silence to the lyrical fake out, “Liability” is a stunner and deserves a Grammy for that performance.


Why We Love It: Maren Morris’ ability to sound weary as she longs for the answers a love song could provide are matchless. She pleads for something greater as she tells a story but in the end, she delivers a sweet sound of hope. Morris is the most personal on this track and it brings out the great artist she is meant to be. “I Could Use a Love Song” is a track that has certainly aged well and could quite possibly be one of her best performances to date.


Why We Love It: Niall Horan is a part of the former boy band One Direction but it’s seemingly obvious that he’s better off on his own. Yes, we said it. “Slow Hands” is living proof of this. It’s been a radio success all year and proves that his artistry is timeless. The track itself is pop perfection but his vocals are what makes it the outstanding song that it is. Move over Harry Styles, Niall Horan is one the rise and he might just take your place.


Why We Love It: “New Years Day” feels like an old friend we haven’t seen in awhile. It’s a nostalgic but timeless classic. She longs to stay as she tells her significant other that she’s in this for the long haul, even in the mess. “Don’t read the last page…but I stay,” she states in the most honest way. Swift wears her heart on her sleeve and this beautiful piano-driven balled shows us that the old Taylor really isn’t dead, she’s just braver and stronger than she’s ever been before. “New Years Day” may be an album closer but we can sense that it’s also the beginning of something beautiful.


Why We Love It: Honesty is the best policy, even when it has to do with heartbreak. Carly Pearce, although a newcomer has showcased what being an artist should look like in ‘Every Little Thing”. Her debut single became her most honest, showing us that Pearce isn’t one that is about the party but about the raw ability to share her most honest moments with the world. Heartbreak certainly fits that mold, in which the country songstress displays with courage and bravery making “Every Little Thing” one of the best country songs of the year.


Why We Love It: Little Big Town is back to exploring a more country music sound following their previous Pharell Williams inspired album. “Better Man” couldn’t have been a better follow-up. With Taylor Swift at the core of the songwriting, Little Big Town couldn’t be better for the job to display feelings of heartbreak in such a delicate track. Emotion is weaved throughout and allows for the song to reach greater heights than any other LBT song. While Swift could have released the track on her own, she entrusted LBT to do it for her and they did a great job and Swift was right for trusting them to share what was once hers with the world.


Why We Love It: Paramore returns to the emo and vintage rhythms that inspired “Ain’t It Fun” with “Hard Times”. It develops growth but it’s evident that Emo is still its heartbeat. But isn’t that why we love Paramore in the first place? It’s a great depiction of how depression can break into even the brightest of moments. Paramore is excellent at sharing the Emo side of who they are, and “Hard Times” is no exception to the territory.


Why We Love It: “Shape of You” is one of the best songs of 2017, making airwaves and charting at the top of the charts from early one. It’s a brilliant rhythmic beat with the Sheeran touch. Infectious is a part of its core and nothing can take away the originality that is a part of Sheeran’s nervous system. “Shape of You” was the right way to introduce his comeback and is still on repeat almost a year later.


Why We Love It: We all knew this was coming but we had no idea Harry Styles was going to do things this way. “Sign of the Times” isn’t the pop sound that was once One Direction but instead it’s an alternative rock force that you want to play on repeat for the rest of time. It’s far too long for radio airplay but it’s still a beast that is being compared to David Bowie. “Sign of the Times” is left up to you to figure out but it’s brilliant and it just shows the kind of artist Styles can be.


Why We Love It: Kelsea Ballerini has been a force to be reckoned with since the beginning of her career and “Legends” solidifies it. She embraces confidence as she sings about a once colorful kind of love. Her bold and brilliance shines through in the brightest way and we couldn’t ask for anything better from the legend herself.


Why We Love It: It’s empowering brave new track that marks a great comeback for the Canadian singer. The purposeful delivery and LIGHTS iconic vocals are what make the song one of her best ones to date. “Giants” is a fantastic delivery that is hard to top but can she do it? She’s done it before. She can do it again.