25 Things That You May Not Know About Actress Vivian Lamolli

Even if you haven’t heard the name Vivian Lamolli, she’s pretty much everywhere. The actress is starring in an episode on Disney’s KC UNDERCOVER premieres July 12. And the third season of Hulu’s EAST LOS HIGH 3 premieres on July 15 (Vivian’s birthday). She’s a series regular on East Los High. The actress was kind enough to sit down and write up 25 things that we may not know about her.

1. I was captain of my high school cheer leading squad for all four years. Go Eagles!
2. I used to collect cool looking rocks as a kid lol.


3. I will run outside and on long runs any day before I run on a treadmill.
4. I am terrified of bees although thankfully have yet to be stung. (Let’s knock on wood people!!)
5. I have an older sister and a younger brother (yep the middle artist of the bunch!)
6. I am Puerto Rican & Cuban with a little Italian spice…some people don’t know that 😉
7. I was born & raised in Miami, FL but grew up a country girl in Clermont, FL.
8. My favorite color is purple
9. My lucky number is 4
10. I’ve spent the “month of love” aka February adventuring through Europe…my favorite country is Spain.
11. My favorite flower is the sunflower.
12. I’ve been in over a dozen musicals…HAIR (not to be mistaken with Hairspray) is my favorite!
13. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
14. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance from the University of Florida along with a minor in Political Science.
15. Before following my dreams and trusting the journey I thought I was going to be a lawyer.
16. More of a dog lover than cats, but I love ALL furry friends!
17. I used to drive a pick-up truck to highschool…pretty badass I know 😛
18. I’ve been to several different cities but nothing turns up the party like Miami!!
19. My hero is my father Michael Angel Lamolli.
20. I am a spiritual butterfly, raised Christian and I do believe Jesus died for our sins.
21. I am working with a music producer as we speak, Maurice Rabsatt to release an EP that truly embodies my life and story.
22. I can dance salsa all night into the morning…especially if Marc, La India, Celia, and Olga are played all night! 🙂
23. I prefer sunshine to snow but love both.
24. I’m allergic to brussel sprouts but a little skin rash doesn’t stop me from enjoying them once in a while! Lol
25. If I had one wish…it would be for everyone to love each other unconditionally no matter the circumstance…working on that myself everyday!!



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