25 Things You Didn’t Know About Authors Christina Lauren (@ChristinaLauren)

We love Christina Lauren’s newest book, Dark Wild Night, and can’t wait for you all to read it. It is out in the world now for you all to take part in. Who amongst us hasn’t been in love with our best friend (currently going through that now) and has had to trudge through that very hard territory. Well it’s like Christina Lauren crawl through our heads and find all of the things that we wanted to say but can’t.

We asked Christina and Lauren to write about what we don’t know about them – because they are so amazing. And hey – this book is about best friends and these two are the #BestFriendGoals we strive to achieve.


1. We are two people! If you knew this, good job! Many people still come to our signings and are surprised when they realize we’re coauthors!

2. Lo is left handed

3. Christina is right handed

4. We have matching tattoos (and another planned)

5. The first thing we wrote together was a fanfic one-shot, we’ve mentioned the prompt before but whew, it is too ridiculous to type again. TRUST US.

6. The second thing we wrote together was a hot angsty mess. We thought that since we were going to be Super Serious Book Writers we needed to write something without the word panties. Lol, we were wrong! It was a depressing story and we both hated it enough to drop it half-way through.

7. We have a book written (well, one and a half, really) that nobody has seen, and Lo has a line from it tattooed on her shoulder. It’s the book of our hearts, and probably our favorite thing we’ve ever written.

8. We both still write fanfic.

9. Lo is allergic to kiwi.

10. Christina used to travel with a sheet she’s had since she was little. She lost it last month 🙁

11. We usually tend to freak out at different points in the writing process: Christina in the beginning, Lo at the end. It’s weird but consistent and we are totes about consistency.

12. Lo is a spreadsheet ninja.

13. Christina can barely work excel.

14. Lo has a PhD in neuroscience.

15. Christina really likes telling people about #14.

16. Lo has played softball for 30+ years

17. Christina has over 11,000 points in her Sephora account. Points that she never, ever redeems for anything. It makes no sense. Please send help.

18. We are ridiculous fangirls and have been to six (and counting) concerts together.

19. Lo usually finds one song that represents a couple for her and listens to it on repeat. Christina doesn’t listen to music while she writes. She used to listen to a thunderstorm playlist but realized all of her chapters had some mention of rain (wet sidewalks, thunder in the distance, etc etc)

20. Because we’re ridiculous, we have Team CLo mascots that have traveled all over the world with us.


21. Neither of us likes sweet pickles.

22. We met Cary Elwes in 2014 and still talk about it.

23. Christina is amazing with a curling iron and once did the hair of nearly everyone on the Belles on Wheels tour . . . while standing on the moving bus.

24. Most mornings, we wake up and text each other at the exact same time.

25. Our husbands are buddies, too.

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