34 Life Lessons That ‘One Tree Hill’ Taught Us

1 – We aren’t alone feeling awkward, out of place, and in need of people just understanding that we’re all different, but we’re all important.


2 – We aren’t alone when what we want is really so simple – a girl just wants to be needed. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s the simple things that matter.


3- We aren’t alone that telling people what you feel and what you want is hard – but it’s worth it. You just have to tell the words.


4 – We aren’t alone when we just want to hear the words – to have someone just fight for you. To love you. To need you.

5- We aren’t alone that we all just want people to like us, but sometimes being yourself is the hardest part.


6 – You don’t need to make excuses for you are – you just need to live your best life.


7- Friends should come first, always.


8 – Yes, hard to get is sometimes a game – but sometimes it’s just fear.


9 – People are always going to label you – but you have to be okay with you are. Because who you are is good enough.

10 – Life is hard, but don’t let what’s inside of you die, because you need to live your passion and your best life.


11- Kids always know what is going on, and sometimes their insight is deeper and more truthful than any we could give ourselves.


12- People will always judge, but at the end of the day – as long as you can look yourself in the mirror – you’ll be great.


13 – Life will be gone before you know it, so grasp onto every second. Life it. Love it. Because at the end of the day – you need to experience every moment.


14 – Love is this long hard twisted road and there will be ups and downs, but you have to hold onto what you can. Because at the end of the day, you’ll forgive, you’ll forget, and you’ll keep loving.


15 – You deserve to experience love in all of its depths and forms and everything in between. Never settle for being anything else but center stage in your own love story.


16 – Everyone lives in fear. It’s a matter of how you make it through the fear to live your best possible life.


17 – People in your life are important. Fill your life with people who enhance your heart and you can see beside you in the future.

18 – And if you do your best, it’ll be good enough.


19 – Giving your heart is scary, but it’s all worth it. It’s always worth it – even when it’s the hardest thing you experience.

20 – When you take people for granted, they can disappear from your life. Don’t let that happen.


21 – Living life is hard, but fear will be the one thing that can destroy you.


22 – You can feel stuck, but you can find your way out. You just have to realize what you want.


23 –  Be there for people when they need you. Be there for them when they don’t. Because you never know anyone else’s story.


24 – We all have insecurities.


24 – You can change your story, if you just believe in it enough to fight for it.


25 – Everyone’s different, but everyone is special.


26 – You can’t fight your heart, but you can embrace it.


27 – Getting your heart broken isn’t easy. It sucks. But it will get better.


28 – You can find happiness in any moment.


29 – Giving people chances is hard. It’s putting your life and heart on the line. But once you get past the feeling like a fool part, you can find you feel okay with all that has happened. It was worth it.


30 – When you are forced to be strong, you will be able to embrace it.


31 – Letting go of what you really want will leave you with regrets. Don’t allow your life to be filled with regrets.


32 – You may never know the reasons that thing happen, but life isn’t all about the reasons. It’s about the journey.


33 – There is good and bad in everyone – you just have to choose to find it.

34 – Boys can be dumb, but once you make it past the dumb – you’ll find out that sometimes dumb is worth it.

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