The Arrangement

5 Reasons You Should Watch The Arrangement

The Arrangement is the newest scripted show to air on E!. It follows a famous actor Adam West and his marriage contract with an up and coming actress, Megan. They are both hiding a lot of secrets and in Hollywood no one is ever as they seem.

The Arrangement

After watching the pilot, I have 5 reasons why The Arrangement is a must watch!

Kyle West…Just Look at Him

Can I just say he is really freaking hot! It is a superficial reason to want to watch a show, but it is nice to have some great eye candy. There is clearly a lot more to his character than being a pretty movie star and for now we’ll just have to wait and find out.

The Dark Side of Hollywood

This show is centered around what really happens behind the scenes of the film industry. It is Famous In Love meets UnReal. It seems to follow a Scientology-esque group, which is fascinating. I am really excited to see explore how dramatic this show will be. We know this network can do drama based on their work with The Royals.

It Feels Like a Romance Novel

This show has all of the tropes that appear so often in the romance genre. And as a result you will be addicted from episode one. From the marriage contract to the billionaire with dark secrets, this show feels like it was based on a romance novel. 

You Will Love Megan Morrison

Megan is a really great protagonist. She is smart and funny. Christine Evangelista plays Megan, who is also on The Walking Dead and plays Sherry. Megan is the character the audience will relate to. She’s isn’t perfect and has her own secrets. 

Everyone is Really Shady

Everyone in this show has a shady backstory and it is evident in the first episode. Kyle West most of all! Terrence, Kyle’s best friend and the founder of the Institute of the Higher Mind, is one of the characters that will just get under your skin. There is something very dark and strange underneath the surface. I can’t wait to watch all of the mysteries unfold.

You can watch the first episode online on E!

The Arrangement premieres on Sunday, March 5th 10/9c on E!.