5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the ‘After’ Movie

There are few stories that have had the type of impact on a generation as After. From its beginnings on Wattpad to hitting more than 1 billion reads on the site; from becoming an international best seller, to finding a home with Paramount Pictures, After has captivated its audience in every form it takes.

The story started out of a need for something more, when author Anna Todd was (im)patiently waiting for her favorite stories on Wattpad to update, she decided to try her own hand at storytelling. Never did she consider how life changing that one decision would be.

Telling the story of young, sheltered Tessa Young embarking on her first taste of freedom from an overbearing mother, After places the moody and sexy hurricane Hardin Scott in her path. They couldn’t be more different, but in those differences comes a love that is deeper than anything either thought possible.

The After fandom, also known as Afternators, have been anxiously waiting for this tale to finally become the big screen hit we all know it will become. And with the film now in production, we couldn’t be more excited and happy for everyone involved.

Since we still have a while to wait before we can buy our tickets and popcorn to see the final product, here are our top five reasons we are excited to see After hit the screen.

5: The wait is over!

“Ready since fall 2014!” – Annika @anilinski

Like we mentioned, we’ve all been waiting for this film for what feels like a lifetime. We fell in love with Todd’s words, and now we can’t help but long for seeing it come to life on the screen. Fans of After are some of the most passionate and dedicated in the literary world, and that devotion translates to anything the series tackles. For many fans, this film is a culmination of that dedication, and we can’t wait for our wait to be over.

4: The fan art is out of this world

“These #hessa edits are killing me!” – Anna Todd

While it isn’t necessarily directly related to the film itself, fan art for the film has been leaving us with all the feels. Even Anna Todd herself has been swooning over some of the talented creations by some of the most devoted Afternators. Fan created images, from manipulations of actors or singers as the characters (the original Wattpad version of After is a One Direction fan fiction staring Harry Styles as Hardin), to compilations of images of the current casted stars to bring together a visual representation of what we can expect for the film. It is another facet of the fandom that surrounds this story, and we can’t wait to see more as images from the set come out!

3: They are going off script in the most awesome way

“It’s true that Tristan will be a girl!” – Anna Todd

With every book to film adaptation, there is always the worry that the production may not stay true to the story we all fell in love with. That is the nature of the game when it comes to this kind of transition, and while many of those changes cause fans to twitch and cringe with anxiety, some of them are welcome and just plain awesome! One of those changes in After is breaking down barriers and expectations, and we are freaking thrilled to see how it plays out. The character of Tristan in the books was the kind boyfriend of Tessa’s roommate and ‘friend’ Steph. But, in the film the character role will be played by a woman, making Steph’s boyfriend now, Steph’s girlfriend. In an age where love is love, it is a true testament to the time and progression of film with this change. It is much needed, and much approved by the fandom.

2: Seeing new faces on the screen

“I’m so excited to be joining After as Tessa and to be able to bring her character to life. After-nators have been waiting so patiently to see this story and I’m thrilled to be a part of telling it.” – Josephine Langford

While it is always fun to see some of our big screen favorites taking on our beloved roles, there is something more to find new, lesser known actors to bring our characters to life. It gives a clean slate to the world, viewers seeing the role rather than those past in each actor, and that is one of the biggest things we are looking forward to in After. With Hero Finnes-Tiffin in the role of Hardin, and Josephine Langord in the role of Tessa, they will become the love story of a generation. We will watch their chemistry come alive, and how they bring their own flavor into the characters of Todd’s creation. It is an excited adventure for these actors just like the fans to be a part of something so special, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to launch them into the Hollywood stratosphere.

1: Seeing the story unfold on the screen

“Because so many of us lived and breathed Anna’s words like it was a drug. And to see it come to life is literally the best high ever.” – Amber P

There is something to be said for a book to find a home in film. To be considered captivating, enchanting and enthralling enough to translate onto the screen in a way that studios feel will bring people into the theatre. For After, the path to the film started even before the publication of the stories on the page, which speaks volumes for Todd’s ability to create a world that people fall in love with. For many readers of the story, both on Wattpad and on the page, the love story of Hardin and Tessa was like a drug, the best kind of binge that we couldn’t pull away from. For it to come to the screen, to see the characters become live, their love to be translated into another medium, is like a climax incomparable. While it is the most obvious of answers, our number one reason we are excited for this film, is because we have waited for it, longed for it, and fantasized about it for years. And now, the wait is coming to an end.

Are you excited for After to hit the big screen?


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