5 Reasons Why We’re Excited For ‘Star Trek: Picard’

I have to start out by confessing that I once hated Jean-Luc Picard, simply because he wasn’t James T. Kirk. Don’t worry, though, because that has all changed. After getting over my initial, and irrational, dislike of Captain Picard, I fully embraced him and I am so excited for Star Trek: Picard to come to CBS All Access. Check out the teaser below before joining us for 5 reasons why we’re excited for Star Trek: Picard!!

WARNING: It’s ok if it gives you crazy chills because I experience them every time I watch it!

1. More Sir Patrick Stewart

This man is a true treasure and he brings everything to each role he portrays so seeing him on screen as the legendary Captain Jean-Luc Picard again is huge! I wish we knew more about the story-line of the new show so I could speculate on how things will play out and how Sir. Stewart will bring it to life but CBS is keeping things pretty mysterious. That doesn’t matter because I’m still going to watch! I never miss an opportunity to see Sir Patrick Stewart in his element and I’m sure all of you feel the same way!

2. Picking Back Up Picard’s Story

While they haven’t given us too much on what takes place in the new series, I do know it will take place quite later on in Picard’s life. According to Stewart, this won’t be the Picard we’re used to and that is really intriguing. I am really interested to see what Picard is like when we meet him again and how different he really is from the Captain we knew. After the events of the show and films, Picard became an Admiral who led the “greatest rescue armada in history” but he’s no longer with Starfleet when the series begins. Will they pull him back in or will this series be Starfleet free? I can’t wait to find out!

3. The Creative Team

Star Trek: Discovery has hit some hiccups when it comes to growing a fan base but that has not had anything to do with the quality of the series but more about the subscription requirement. Alex Kurtzman was behind Discovery and he’s also bringing up Star Trek: Picard which means, hopefully, Picard’s show will be just as amazing as Discovery. Kurtzman and his team have done an amazing job bringing the Star Trek universe back to life with fresh characters and story-lines. Additionally, Hanelle Culpepper will direct the first two episodes of the series. She directed two episodes of Discovery but she will be the first female director to handle the pilot episode of a Star Trek series. That is awesome news!

4. More Star Trek

There has always been some kind of Star Trek around for those of us who love it but CBS has really brought the series back to the forefront. We finally have great, exciting Star Trek to look forward to and I am thrilled! I loved the films JJ Abrams created but they were a reworking of the story we already know so this is all vastly more exciting. Discovery has given us a whole new crew, a well-written and diverse one, to fall in love with and now we’re going to get an entirely new perspective on Picard. For Trekkies, this is an exciting time because we have so much to look forward to. CBS has already teased other series to follow in the lead of Discovery and Picard and I can’t wait to see what they will be. I really hope one will follow Anson Mount’s Pike, but that’s for another article.

5. Possible TNG Cameos

I know Jonathan Frakes, who played Will Riker on TNG, is directing two episodes of the Picard series but will he make an appearance in his old role? I have no idea but the possibility that he or any of the other characters from The Next Generation will pop up during Star Trek: Picard is really cool. There’s so much mystery surrounding the series that what I know is very limited but I hope to see a few, at least one or two, awesome cameos during the show’s premiere (hopefully there will be more) season.

“The end is only the beginning.”

Star Trek: Picard is coming soon to CBS.

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