5 Things We Want From ‘Riverdale’ Season 2

We can all agree that Riverdale was one of last season’s revelations. Despite its highs and lows, they knew how to keep us watching, intrigued by Jason Blossom´s murder and entertained by the characters.

While we wait for the premiere, here are five things we would like to see in Season 2:

Character Evolution

It is clear that these teens went through a lot last season, and most of these events are not easy to let go.

We’ve seen Betty overwhelmed by her family´s situation and tired of being the perfect daughter-student-friend. We want her to break with all that hypocrisy, and become who she really wants to be, even if this change doesn’t please everyone.

Archie’s first season was not all we were expecting. Despite being one of the main characters, he’s been a bit off from the main plots. We hope this situation changes this season (especially with his father getting shot) and that Archie finally finds his place on the show.

Even though Jughead was always there, observing, telling us what was happening, we didn’t get to see that much of him, if you think about it. Now that his father is going to jail, and he is one of the Serpents, we want to see who Jughead truly is, by his own choices, and not by the ones of his past.

If we think about who suffered the most in Riverdale´s last season, we think about Cheryl Blossom. Her brother’s murder, discovering that her family members were not who she thought they were, and, at the end, her father’s suicide. It all left her so devastated that she even tried to kill herself in the finale. In this new season, we want to see how Cheryl has overcome her sadness and, from a healthier mental position, turns into the lovely auntie we are all expecting.

About Veronica, all we want for her is to be the greatest Vixen captain ever, and to not let her bad blood with her father ruin her beautiful relationship with her mum.

Girl Squad

Although Betty and Veronica became friends almost immediately, their relationship with Cheryl was a more tumultuous one. The girls went from hating each other to being partners in crime to hating each other again multiple times. What we would love is for them to all be friends and grow into the strong girl squad this show needs.

Strong, independent women

Hal Cooper and Hiram Lodge made some horrible decisions in the past that affected not only them, but also their families. However, their wives seemed to be extremely forgiving with their mistakes, forgetting how much pain they caused in their lives. We want Alice and Hermione to cut ties with their husbands, and emerge as the strong women their families need.

Focused Plots

Last season let us with some weak, leading-nowhere plots, like Archie’s affair with Miss Grundy, the whole drama with the families’ rivalry or Archie’s music vs. football dilemma. We want the show to forget about all those out of place plots, and to try to not make new ones.


Obviously, the most important thing we want for this season are answers. We have too many unresolved questions, not only about the present (Is Fred Andrews alive?, Who shot him?, What is going to happen with Polly’s twins?, And with the Cooper´s sisters secret brother?), but also about the past (What happened between Alice and FP?, And between Fred and Hermione?); And we want all the answers this season.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more hopes/dreams for Season 2 of Riverdale? Share with us in the comments below!

Riverdale returns to the CW on October 11th at 8/7c.

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