5 Things We Want From ‘Supergirl’ Season 3


It’s been nearly five months since Supergirl delivered an emotional season 2 finale that shattered our hearts into a million pieces. I mean, a summer hiatus is hard enough. But having to navigate a five-month hiatus after that finale? That’s just torture.

As Supergirl gears up for its third season — following a sophomore season that was phenomenal — we’re left with more questions than answers as we await Mon-El’s return, Kara’s struggles, more Lena Luthor, and Maggie’s answer to a very, very important question from Alex. Hiatus? Schm-iatus. It’s almost time for Supergirl’s return.

Here are five things we want from Supergirl’s third season:

1. The Legion of Superheroes

Despite what haters would like to believe, Mon-El isn’t gone for good. In fact, his story only truly had begun when he was forced to leave Earth after the lead exposure. In the final moments of the season 2 finale, we saw Mon-El get sucked into what we could only assume was the Phantom Zone. From there, we expect to see Mon-El’s story as it surrounds the Legion of Superheroes, who in the comics were the ones that freed Mon-El from the Phantom Zone. There have been a couple of Legion of Superheroes references on Supergirl, including in Season 1, when we caught a glimpse of a Legion Ring when Kara was visiting the Fortress of Solitude. We love Easter Eggs. But we love them even more once Supergirl pays them off. Bring on the Legion — and Valor!

2. Show More Strength in Love

Like it or not, there’s definite misogyny when it comes to romance on television. So much was made about how Kara isn’t strong or isn’t a good role model because she was devastated that the first person she was in love was taken from her. When Mon-El inevitably does return, I hope that we’ll continue to see that there is strength in love – in loving someone. Love is a huge part of Supergirl, whether it’s romantic love, friendship love, or familial love. Love drives everything. There’s strength in love. And I’d like to continue to see Supergirl show that in all aspects of Kara’s life. And that goes for all other characters, as well, including Alex, Maggie, Lena and Reign.

3. Always More Karamel

One of the pleasant surprises from Supergirl’s third season was the emergence of Karamel, literally the sweetest ship name to ever exist. The Kryptonian girl, Kara, and the Daxamite boy, Mon-El, were two races that hated each other. They overcame those prejudices to look beyond old feuds and not only became friends, but eventually explored a romantic connection that was everything our hearts could have wanted. Kara and Mon-El’s relationship was new, but it wasn’t perfect, which is what we loved. It was realistic in that nature. Karamel’s latest chapter ended in heartbreaking fashion when Mon-El was forced to flee Earth to avoid an agonizing death due to lead poisoning. We’re still recovering! But we know that Kara and Mon-El’s story is far from over. When Mon-El does return to Earth and National City — which is a given right now, it’s just a matter of when — we’re looking forward to exploring more of Kara and Mon-El’s relationship. They’d only really just begun, really. It’s time to get even deeper with these sweethearts.

4. And Always More Sanvers

Another couple that stole our hearts from the moment they interacted on screen was Sanvers, which brought together two incredibly strong and inspiring women, Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer. Sanvers is important not only because it’s a relationship between two women, but because it’s a relationship that really showcases it as a relationship between two people. Supergirl didn’t hesitate to shy away from the complications and hardships that come with being in a relationship, which was quite refreshing and inspiring to see in a relationship like this depicted on television. Alex and Maggie have such an incredible chemistry and truly bring out the best in each other. It’s why Alex popping the question to Maggie in the season finale, while surprising, made sense. So as we head into Season 3, we’re eagerly awaiting Maggie’s answer to the question. But we’re also nervous as Floriana Lima has stepped down as series regular to recurring for the third season. But, and we have no doubt about it, Sanvers will always prevail. And we’re excited to see what progression awaits us in Season 3.

5. Relatability of Reign

The recipe for a great villain is the ability to make the audience sympathize with them even as they’re posing as an antagonist for our hero. From what producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner told us at San Diego Comic-Con, that’s exactly what we’re going to get with Reign. Reign was manufactured and created into this World Killer, so there’s obviously this sympathy that comes with watching someone be taken from their life and forced to be something else — something else that isn’t particularly heroic. Then there’s the connection to Krypton, which should make Reign’s interactions with Supergirl some really good, emotional stuff. I’m beyond ready to see that dynamic. Plus, the best villains believe they’re the hero of their own story. And I’m hoping we get to see that — and more — with Reign.

Supergirl season 3 premieres Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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