5 Things We Want From ‘This Is Us’ Season 2


Last season, This Is Us was the breakout hit of the television season that stole our hearts, made us sob, and always had us coming back for more. Week after week, This Is Us delivered heartfelt episodes that touched upon important subject matters in a way that was cathartic and satisfying. I can’t think of a show that made me cry on a weekly basis like This Is Us managed to. And knowing this show, why should we expect that to change anytime soon?

As This Is Us gears up for its second season — following a freshman season that made it one of television’s best shows — we’re left with so many questions as we head into a season that’s supposed to be even bigger than Season 1. With several storylines left to wrap-up and continue, there is so much that we want to know and so much we want to see when one of our favorite shows returns later this month.

Here are five things we want from This Is Us’s second season:

1. Clarification About Jack’s Death

Perhaps the hardest part about Jack Pearson’s death isn’t knowing he’s dead. Well, at first it was. Honestly, it still freaking hurts. But Jack’s death has remained a mystery that has gnawed at us week after week as we await that pivotal moment that we know is coming. We thought it was coming in Season 1. But it never did. Now, we’re headed into Season 2 hoping that we’ll get some clarification about how Jack died. With teases like Kate’s, “I’m the reason he died,” we’re left practically screaming: What the hell happened?! Producers have teased that we’ll find out more about Jack’s death — and perhaps we’ll finally see it this season. While this drawing out of Jack’s death is both torture and preventing us from horrific pain, there’s nothing that can prepare us for Jack’s death scene — should we get it. And if “Memphis” was any indication, there is only massive pain to come with these significant deaths.

2. More Epicness That is Randall & Beth

There are so many amazing couples on television, but Randall and Beth might be our absolute favorite. On a show where we get a share of couples tackling life, Randall and Beth’s beautiful and far-from-perfect relationship continues to be the stuff of magic. It’s so organic and so wonderful and literally breathes life into This Is Us. We’ve seen them tackle issues together, and no doubt we’ll see them continue to do that in Season 2. When we last left the iconic couple, Randall had proposed adopting a child. And judging by Beth’s reaction, this will be the latest issue that this couple will tackle together. And we can’t wait for the ride.

3. Kevin & Sophie’s Long-Distance Relationship to Work

When Kevin made the decision to move back to New York, what he’d secretly been hoping for had come to fruition: he reignited a spark with his ex-wife. While Kevin found himself questioning his career choices as an actor — moving from Los Angeles and a cheesy comedy to New York City and a play — he soon found himself with an opportunity to make amends with his ex-wife, Sophie. More than that, he found himself with an opportunity for a fresh start with Sophie. Once things appeared to be headed on the up for Kevin and Sophie, Kevin was approached with an opportunity to star in a Ron Howard film back in Los Angeles. He accepted the role, and we now find ourselves wondering if — and hoping that — Kevin and Sophie will be able to make things work long distance. This was supposed to be their chance to start anew, together, and work through the issues that had spelled doom for their marriage before. Now that Kevin is in another timezone, what new challenges will they face on top of their previous ones? Better yet, can they make it work? Because there might not be a third chance.

4. Kate & Toby Development

While things certainly moved fast for endearing couple Kate and Toby in Season 1 — including not one, but two proposals — we’re hoping that things will slow down just a tad as we head into Season 2. One of the beautiful things about relationships is really getting to explore them. There’s no need to rush, we all know the endgame — in this instance, clearly, it’s marriage. Kate and Toby both have their individual issues, which we’ve seen them discuss and not discuss. Those conversations are what we want to see more of. We want to see both Kate and Toby continue to step out of their comfort zone and confide in each other, because it’s something that they’ve both not been accustomed to. While it seems destined that Kate and Toby are headed to the altar, before they do they need to continue to get to know each other. There’s still so much they don’t know about each other. And so much more they don’t know about themselves. And we’re quite excited to see them learn those new things.

5. William to Live On in Flashbacks

No doubt one of the hardest losses on television last year was the death of William. “Memphis” was the most emotional hour of television I’ve ever experienced, and its lasting impact is something that will surely live on throughout this series. But while William’s death was brutal in its impact, it was something that we knew we couldn’t escape. And while William is dead in the present, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him, right? Take Jack Pearson, who we’ve known since Season 1 was dead. But he’s still managed to live on through flashbacks. So why can’t the same happen with William? We have faith that This Is Us will continue to honor William’s legacy and the fans that his story has touched.

This Is Us season 2 premieres Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC.

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